--> Alumni Business Directory in Ticats.Ca ?

I suggested this a few years ago if memory serves but I'll bring it up again......cause I still think it's a marvelous idea.

The Miami Dolphins have a section of their website dedicated as a business directory that former players/coaches etc. can advertise their current business ventures....

Why can't the Hamilton Tiger-Cat Alumni have the same thing here?....just an idea is all...

here's a peek at what the Dolphins do:

click here

good idea?

The argos tried the same thing years ago but it became useless writing "unemployed" or "social assistance" under every second player.

Can you imagine if fans could look up players they were disenchanted with? Doesn't sound like a good idea to me

Okay; so why is it working so well in Miami?
It sounds like a great idea to me and it would give the fans an opportunity to see what players do once away from football.