Altitude TV suddenly drops all CFL games

I just got a reply from Altitude network here in Denver as to why there games dropped of the schedule this week.

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Football League on Altitude Sports & Entertainment.

We were recently informed that new sponsorship and content would be added to CFL playoff games and The Grey Cup that as a network we felt would be inappropriate to air. As a result, we were forced to make the difficult decision of removing all remaining CFL games from our 2009 broadcast schedule. For a list of networks that will be airing the CFL playoffs in the United States, please go to

We appreciate your support of the CFL and Altitude Sports & Entertainment.

As a big fan of the CFL, i am greatly upset that i wont have the games on TV.

That's odd... I wonder what they mean by innapropriate sponsorship and content... never really known the CFL to be that controversial. :expressionless:

Sucks that you might not be able to catch the games... though if worst comes to worst, you could always use JustinTV...

Weird stuff....must be one of the sponsors or adverts they do not like.... The owner of Altitude owns the RAMS.

Hopefully not sensationalized "Joe the Canadian" type content.

I'm going to bet that it's cause of Nissan..

a competitor.

oh well, that's what you get for living in the USA...

And comments like that are why you dont get any respect

Very strange indeed. Isn't VS airing the Grey Cup?

It might be the booze commercials, though I don't quite understand how they can't simply replace them with their own. Must be some licensing issue or something.

In any case, the games are still available on the computer. Where I live it's really the ONLY way to get them.

It could be some homer on Parliament Hill.

I have complained to the CFL and TSN about some of the semi risque content in some commercials in the pst. Wouldnt surprise me if it was something along that line. The scenes and violence, adult phrases and so forth that is shown in movie trailers that are not for family viewing for instance. If it is something along that line, then bravo for them.

Seriously...? :expressionless: :lol:

But they've had booze commercials (Gibson's, beer) all season. The email ColoradoCFl got said new sponsorship.

It's obvious that they got sick of that Rona commercial where the guy installs a new bathtub around his naked wife.

oh shut up.... :?

and keep proving my point!
Thanks!! :rockin:

To your separate corners, gentlemen...

Yeah, that Rona commercial is pretty risqué ...

I didn't mean it was inappropriate, I meant it was annoying and dumb.

That’s kind of odd, because Altitude wouldn’t air the entire broadcast, commercials and all, it would still insert their own commercials. It might be because of some of the sponsers, which would appear as part of the actually game…