Although a great game, what was the most annoying part?

Although a great game, what was the most annoying part of the blue team versus Blue Bombers game?

Darn! Now we gotta watch the Toronto Arrogants play next week! Go Als !!

The most annoying part was watching Toronto coaches actually pull a legendary QB before it was too late when he clearly wasn't getting it done....and not worrying about hurting his feelings......ergo-----> Win

....something Hamilton had been paralyzed to do for decades....

I hope our new coach has such foresight going forward and we don't get mired in past habits and mistakes.

Well, that's what annoyed me anyhow....

Congrats to the Argos! :thup:

The Bombers snatched a defeat from the jaws of victory.

Remember when we were 0 - 5, and the Hamilton spectator decided on doing some stupid signage? Now I am grateful to be from Hamilton.

The worst part of the game was the fact tht CBC couldn't broadcast in HD, they only have one HD camera crew and they sent it out west!!!

I'm a big supporter of the cats and as such definitely not an argos fan...however, I only got 2 watch the last 6 mins of 4th quarter and hats off to Bishop and Bruce. Argo's definitely deserved that win

None of the above.

I am not a bishop fan, but there is not much else better that could be available to ticats. At least not what is already in the league. You absolutely cannot have pierce.

Argos NEVER deserve to win !!

The horns have gattsta go, everyone of us should email CFL headquarters and tell them to put a ban on those damn things. Nothing bugs me more than these bush wackers who wander into the stadiums with those moose horns and the CBC and TSN should have better sence than to place their mics right next to those bozo's, put them as far as posible from them even if you have to put them in the parking lot.

For me the most annoying part of that game was Darren Flutie's mispronunciation of the word three. Darren, it's "three" with and "h" in the word. Not tree. Yes the ref was doing the same thing, but I am sure that was just his French accent coming through. Whats your excuse Darren?

Also, Flutie seemed to be more excited about the good plays the blue team made than he was about the good plays the Bomber made. TRADER!!! He should be forced to give back his Ti-Cat Grey Cup ring... cheering for the blue team... You are no Ti-Cat.

But the wost part of the game was the final score in favour of the blue team.

By the way, before the end of the game there were 4 sets of tickets for this years Grey Cup listed on eBay. I wonder how many there will be from Winnipeg fans later this week.

Actually, I thought it was Steve Armitage who sounded like the blue team supporter. I can't be the only one who though he sounded more excited by good plays by the blue team than from those by the Bombers. And this seemed quite evident on the Bombers last drive. He sounded like he was going to celebrate after that interception. And he actually sounded rather dejected after the Bombers stopped the clock after the second Bomber completion on that drive.

Anyway, on this site I can't imagine any option in this poll other than the last one getting many votes. But the threads in which a trade for Bishop will be demanded should get at least a few votes. But who would have predicted that Bishop would have been put in the game, let alone do so well?

Yes, it was an entertaining game. I would have liked to have been able to discuss it here, but this site (and, which is apparently on the same IP address) was down for much of the game. And speaking of this, should we have game threads for next week's games here? There will likely be interest in that game between the Als and blue team. Will Allen or Bishop start? And either way, can the blue team beat Montreal considering they barely beat Winnipeg, whose starting quarterback was obviously not at his best?

Both East and West semi finals overlapped Nascar on television.

^^a most annoying something^^

And just a few other notes I thought I'd add about the East Division Semi-Final.

Wasn't it amusing to see Pinball Clemons catch that punt that was angled to the sidelines and run with it? Even as a coach Pinball is entertaining. The crowd at the 'Dome sure liked getting to see that, although I'm sure they would liked to have seen him take it further, just as he often did in his playing career.

And speaking of the crowd, what was with the attendance being 26,214? In the blue team's home opener this year, the attendance was about 27,000, and that was considered a disappointment? Can anyone here give possible reasons as to why the attendance for a playoff game would be lower there?

And will Damon Allen or Michael Bishop start for the blue team next week? I'd go with Allen, just as Edmonton went with Ray in the Grey Cup last year after Maas got them there. And this also reminded me of 1992, when Don MacPherson led the Ticats to victory in the semi-final after coming off the sidelines. He didn't start the next week, and the Ticats lost in a blowout. And who was the quarterback that MacPherson replaced that game? Damon Allen. Quite the coincidence.

And speaking of Allen, he sure did not look too happy to be on the sidelines, did he?

I was at the complaints!!!

Except that there certainly was not 26000 people there....more like 18000! :thdn:

The people of Toronto do not know how to support their team! :thdn: :thdn:

Those that were there, were loud, proud and boisterous! :thup:

Thanks for all the hospitality at the tailgate! :rockin:

A special thanks to "Tuck" for the tickets!

My disappointment about this game parrallels that of Mikey's. In fact, it's the same.
Anyone on this site that's familiar with my posts knows how I feel about Lancaster's failure to change quarterbacks.

Today, we saw an example of what can happen when you throw a new wrinkle at the opposition by making that change and it bothers me to no end that Hamilton hasn't been known for making these changes since the days of Frank Cosentino and Joe Zuger.
These guys were interchanged a lot at quarterback and managed to win a couple of grey cups.

There have been many other quarterback tandems used the same way over the years.
Kenny Ploen and Jim VanPelt with Winnipeg, Russ Jackson and (of all people) Ron Lancaster of Ottawa and the list actually goes on and on.

I've been noticing that a lot lately. But every time I feel moved to complain, wouldn't you know it, I can't get onto the site to do so.

Al Bruno never hesitated to pull a QB who wasn't getting it done. Otherwise we never would have seen Ken Hobart in 85. Or Mike Kerrigan in 86. Or Tom Porras in 87. Or Todd Dillon in 88. I could go on. (Actually I can't - I think that about covers it.)

We only saw Porras in 87 because Kerrigan got hurt in game 1 and Hobart broke his leg in game 2.

Porras had 1 and a half good games and then was awful.

How do you remember that level of detail from 20 years ago? I’m pleased with myself if I can even recall who our starting QB was.

I payed attention pretty well when I was 13?
And it really doesn't seem like 20 years ago to me.