Alternate Renegades logo?

Does anyone know how and where this alternate Ottawa Renegade logo originated?

It’s really cool!

I would say Dalhousie Street :Dor Vanier depending on who’s selling .

Sorry couldn’t resist .

I recall that Ottawa Beavers was one of the favourite names in fan polls before the owners just went with Renegades to try to cross-promote with their ill-fated lacrosse team, the Ottawa Rebel.

They also had Ruffy the Beaver as their mascot.

Was Ruffy just a Renegades thing, or did the old Rough Riders also have him as mascot?

I guess that one point this chicken(?) was the Rough Riders mascot:

… that chicken was the Rough Rider Rooter; a play on “Rooster”, I guess.

That pic brought back a vague memory, Dave. Thanks.

I kinda’ recall dancing with that thing at the Spirit of Edmonton room in the Harbour Castle Westin during Grey Cup ‘92 in Toronto. Kinda’.

Yes, copious amounts of booze was involved and the chicken wasn’t drinking!

I now have a hankering for Swiss Chalet or Popeye’s tonight.

Was Rooter a good dancer then?