Alternate Jerseys for 2013?

Toronto and Winnipeg have confirmed that they will be donning new third jerseys this season, but has anyone heard of any other teams' plans to wear new ones?

I believe the Riders still have their regular 3rd jersey that they wear on Labour Day, hopefully Reebok updated it with the new material so they look sharper.

I heard a rumor that the Ti-Cats and the Argos had retro jersies this year, but they are just that, rumors.

The argos have retro 1983 jerseys they will wear later this year.
winnipeg unveiled new retros which look similar to their old retros, but worse. they added a white v-neck, and the quality looks poor.

those are the only 3rd jerseys i've seen so far.

Friday August 23 vs the stamp's, the argos will wear their 3rd uniforms to commemorate their 1983 grey cup win 30 years ago.

Would have made more sense to wear them against their 1983 opponents, the BC lions.

[url=] ... f-all-time[/url] [url=] ... l-uniforms[/url]

just a little refresher course....enjoy!! :cowboy:

83 Argos is the best uniform in the history of football. :thup:

Let's see how Reebok f's it up.

Reebok was incredibly faithful to the '83 jerseys.

And, I have to disagree about them being the best ever.
I can think of many that are better, including both of the argo's current uniforms, the riders' retro home and away, bombers' retros of 2010, classic RR uniforms, classic 80's Tiger-Cats' uniforms, Eskimos current home uniforms. Etc.