Chamblin's butt tearing while playing the Stamps must have paid off, because the energy in the Bomber game was the highest I have seen all year. Hope it sticks. Finally got a chance to watch the game on TV... I would love to see a few things happen down the road...

1 - Foster MUST be kept. His bubble was impressive. Most receivers sweet spot is basically knees to forhead and 20% further than wingspan. Foster caught a lowball and one that was high and trailing. He also seems to have that intuition that draws him to openings...that is instinct...not trainable. This is the 3rd read man DD needs. Only saw a bit of him, but loved his game!

2 - West / Sanders...well, Sanders was lined up as RB when Sheets wasn't. He has top notch hands, super speed, can return, and is a RB. Dress him as a RB, and use him as a receiver at times. His role is steadily increasing on this team. Drop West is just there. He is already 3rd on depth chart as RB...dump him and bring in a guy who can return kicks.

3 - Dressler...sorry, I hate seeing one of the best set of hands in the CFL returning kicks...period. They used him a bit inside unlike previous games and he was a threat all game.

4 - TJ Harris...he has skill, but the fact he was twittering that crap to Tina Lapolice frightens me that he is just too much of a hot head. Short leash my friend

5 - Milt Collins played solid. I would like to see more of him in game. By not dressing West, they could potentially dress him and Turenne.

6 - The O-line is struggling on pass blocking, mainly dues to the rotating door, because they were solid the first few games until the injury bug bit. If they can not solidify I liked that they mixed it up putting Sanders as RB and rolling out Sheets (you could line them both up as RB at the same time...that would be tough to deal with if you run a double screen). Also, the quick hitter passes and inside passes are an absolute must...these really opened things up. The double TE was also nice. The point is, the O was always adjusting formations in this game, keeping the DL off balance.

7 - Brackenridge...I was shocked when I heard he was almost a scratch. I think he is doing a top notch job, and the fear of this has elevated his game even more.

8 - Woldu has been playing really well. I hope he has earned a little more of a rotation in.

9 - Shomari Williams was moved outside, and apparently did so with a smile. I think it is a much better fit for him. I thought he had his best game of the year in the role

I agree with everything you just said! :thup: Great post!

Dressler returning scares me too, especially when we have a guy like Jackson who can do that just fine!

It's tough dressing everyone though. West I think is still here just for insurance, as I don't think Sanders would be an every down back, and neither is West, but if they split carries if Sheets were to go down, I think that could work. That's why I am so shocked that Rankin was let go instead of West, I think Rankin would be a better back if Sheets were to get hurt.

But again, great post! :rockin:

You'll have to live with West, sorry. Jock is a good RB, good returner, good SB so his versatility trumps West. But West will hang arounf on 46 man because we're one play away from needing him. I sense this is driving you nutty Depop.

Our O-line needs to kick into gear. All the peices are there now..............injuries are no longer an excuse.

Shake my melon...........Dressler receiving kicks/punts? I heard they liked his ball security but he also had trouble with one punt last week?

Odell and Hawk. Need more craziness. More more. It's time they find a QB or two, avoid rough the passer calls but lay some beatings.

Mick Williams and Alford. Are playing very good right now. Sholy seems to be very quiet but I hope he's doing his deal. The D-lineman that needs to up his game is T. George. He played badly agaisnt Calgary but I'd say he rebounded okay vs Bombers. But those two tackles are looking better and better. Good for Alford as well as he's just stepping in and is causing problems.

How are the rookie tackles playing? Neufeld and Fulton............Patti Neuf seemd to have an adjustment during his first 1-3 games but i think I am seeing him getting steady. What a huge benefit for the tean if an nin import takes ownership of that job when they had pencilled in an import (Patrick). But want to hear any thoughts on O-line. I think it is time this O-line starts owning people like the pundits predicted.

Foster.............looked okay but one game does not make a all star receiver. But his introduction to rider nation was rather impressive.

Oswn the Bombers. Score fast and early and keep the peddle down. Don't give that team an ounce of hope because right now they are dangerously close to falling apart............let's help them fall apart.

Go Riders.

just wanted to applaud a good read =) Great posts and thread guys - thanks! :thup:

I agree with everything in this thread. Also i am scratching my head about dressler returning. Although i thought i heard last game '38 special' was out with an injury or something.

I don’t believe I have ever actually said that he should be cut…simply that he should not be dressed if they are not using him in some capacity. Nothing wrong with keeping him on the 46 and off the 42 for the time being. And yes, it does drive me a little nuts when you use a starting, star RB on kick off returns and the backup watches from the sideline.

Dressler returned lots of kicks in college, he likes contributing. Plus he can get hurt during any play, sometimes you just have to believe in him and he won't get hurt.

believe in him and he won't get hurt??? No...I believe that returning kicks increases the potential for injury. I don't se ehow that can be argued.

Nope,, Dressler is to valuable to be returning kicks,, we have a couple guys at very least, Jackson, Sanders , TJ Harris ? .... that have the hands and the speed and would welcome the playing time (though some ramblings about Jackson wanting to play more defense) ... and now this week Dressler is hurt at or arounf the half .. concussion ? ... .... Nope,, he should not be used back there, unless fire emergency

As long as Jackson is in and out of the lineup with that wonky knee, Dressler is their best returner. Although Sanders is a close second. As long as Jackson isn't ready to go, I'm ok using Dressler or Sanders on returns. If you got it, use it.