Alston-looking good/Woodcock- looking bad

Richard Alston has done a great job replacing Trever Gaylor, thus far this season IMO. He had a huge play last game against BC for 50 yards. I have seen him drop some very makeable catches so far, but its way better than Gaylor, and his abundance of dropped passes and laziness.

Pat Woodcock had a good 20 - 30 yard gain last game, but it was called back by a penalty. He hasn't really shown much thus far, and has also dropped some very makeable catches that could have been crucical in setting up drives(ex. winnipeg game right before the half).

I'd rather see newcomer Toby Zeigler come in and show his stuff, if Mitchell is still out next game. He also looked pretty good on the kick/punt returns in pre-season.

i disagree...woodcock is a very good player and he is not getting any balls...i think if you pass to him more he will give you more

No kidding..the guy finally gets in a game after injury...makes a nice catch and's called back because of penalty???? Hardly his fault! :roll:

Other than that one pass he hasn't had much.