Alson is gone and Sam Young is back

Nice to see Sam Young back but I dunno if letting Alston go was a good move? Thought?

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Alston was pretty good, but so is Young. He should help break up alot of pass completions.

I liked Young on the island last year, definitely a solid CB

Does this mean Karikari goes to safety, Gordon and Cody at DB and Anderson and Young at CB??? (please?)

Alston couldn't get any separation from the DB's that is why Maas couldn't go long.It is the same problem with most of our recievers.There just not good enough!

there not good enough for maas but there good enough for chang?

Alston looked lost in the pre-season game.

I can't recall if he had any receptions or the ball thrown his way in week 1?

I suppose Alston was replaceable, with Thyron Anderson being on his way in. I also understand that he was going to be used on special teams, but we already have players like Holmes, Walker, Curry, and maybe even Dwight Anderson for that. So you could say one Anderson is taking his place as a receiver, and another will take his place on special teams. :slight_smile:

I do recall an Edmonton fan saying Alston would make us forget about Flick after the Goss trade. But the Goss trade might still be a good one for us. Anything we got other than Chang just might be considered a bonus.

And it would be good if these threads on the addition of Young and release of Alston were merged.

You know what, I was just thinking about that option and I think you are on to something there. That secondary combination you proposed could be very good.

I agree! A little shake up in the secondary wouldn't hurt. The thing is it doesn't matter who's in the secondary if we don't get any pressure on the QB