The Al's seem to be trading off alot of there players any reason why?

ya cause we dont want them!

Good answer ro!

That is called upgrading! Really the guys they got rid of are probably not worth having on their team any longer. That is why the Al's are always strong. And my second favorite team.

good point :slight_smile: I cant believe i never thought of that :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL they got rid of them to sign nealon greene

At 1st glance, the nealon greene trade might look puzzling, but I have a feeling that Matthews wants a back-up that has CFL experience as a starter. Brady may have started a few games, but he has been mainly a clip-board holder his whole career. Carter is basically an unkown quantity, since he has no CFL experience, and 4 rookies at camp. Im not sure they will all get enough reps to get a decent look. One other thing about Matthews, he likes veteran guys, so i doubt that many of those rookie QBs at TC will get a serious look.

I really don't know what the Al's have been doing, but they still have the key players that got them to the GC last year.

It'll probably play out that Roberson and the two rookies will be gone quickly, and the Als will have Calvillo, Carter, Brady, and Greene, and, as luck would have it, one of those 4 will be mysteriously "injured" just as training camp winds up and be put on injured reserve.

Seriously Madjack I do not think the Don wants Greene in a game. I think Greene is going to be gone at TC. This was done as a favor to the Riders ( Shivers). Otherwise Popp banged his head and needs medical attention Greene will be greeting customers at Walmart!

I think anyone who would think of Greene as an “upgrade” could use some serious psychiatric help. Unless you’re upgrading from a toaster. Maybe a toaster wouldn’t be a good QB. But it would be a tough call between Greene and the toaster.

Is your reference to the toaster a shot at Ted White?

It is highly insulting to all kitchen appliances!

Nitro, I would have traded Ted White for a toaster any day!

For some obscure reason, the Don seems to see somthing in Nealon. He coached him in Toronto, then brought him to Edmonton when he was there, and now he brought him to Montreal. Maybe the Don likes smoking pot and can't find any but in Nealon's locker... With him and Carter, he should be in business, now. :wink:

Green can ramble and the Don likes hi .

i agree with sambo on this one

If the Don is picking up guys for their drug connections, the Als missed the boat on Ricky Williams.. unless they think Ricky's going to steal everybody else's stash...