Als would have say over new franchise in Quebec City

Interesting admission by Commish

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No different from the 'Riders having a veto on putting a team in Saskatoon, I guess. Or Hamilton and Toronto having veto over expansion into London, Kitchener, St. Catherines, Oshawa or Windsor, all of which have larger population bases than Saskatoon.

The article said that the Laval people were not interested in expanding their stadium for CFL. I assume they have or would look at the deal with McGill / Als to see any benefits for a similar one with a Quebec City team.Money talks sometimes very loudly.

So is it a provincial issue or the fact they are within 200 miles? If it is the later, wouldn't the alls also have a say in an expansion team in Ottawa?

My guess is that at the time, there was no definite commitments from a QC-equivalent to the Hunt Group/Bob Wettenhaul. Meaning that Laval would have had to pay for maintaining a CFL-size stadium on its own for an unknown length of time. When a Wettenhaul/Hunt Group are in place to share the burden of operating a bigger stadium with the $$$, then you're probably right, the money will talk loudly.

Although it's not really a number-of-fans-from-QC type issue, my guess is that less than 1 percent, if that, at Als games are people who travel from QC to games. It's not like Saskatoon to Regina.

I would think that apart from splitting TV monies, the Als would more than welcome a team in QC. It would add a lot to the flavour of football in Quebec at the pro level, just like the Nordiques did with the Habs.

You may be right, but given the fact that the two pairs of cities are both about three hours apart, it begs the question of why. Is it that prairie thing, that driving a few hours each way isn’t a big deal? Having lived both in the east and out west, I did notice a different way of thinking about long-distance driving. Or is it just that people in Saskatchewan take their football WAY more seriously than anywhere else in Canada? Or is it a Quebec / Montreal rivalry? In which case, you’d also be right that the Als would love to have a team in Quebec.

I don't think there is much of a culture of football in QC apart from the party type thing that is going on with the college game at Laval. QC is more of an artistic type town that yes, does have hockey in it's tradition, what Canadian city doesn't, but the football thing with adults just isn't there, IMHO. But I'm speculating. Also I think football in the past in QC was an English sport, again I seem to recall that. Probably English army regiments stationed there.

I think the Als would have a say but I don't think they would object. Labour day games could fill the Big O and a QC, Montreal revalry is the only thing that would give the Als the daily media attention they require to grow. I think a lot depends on who the owner group is. if it is led by Larry Smith well... :?

I agree, the Quebec fans come out in droves to watch College ball especially watching and supporting French Canadians. CFL is a different story, if there was a lot of interest I'm sure an ownership group would have proposed something but they haven't.
The CFL has bigger problems - Toronto and Hamilton. Shouldn't be thinking about any expansion until the problems in Hamilton and Toronto are sorted out.

It isn't just university football that's doing well in Quebec. High school football is very active. My brother-in-law has coached HS football in Montreal for a number of years, and from what he tells me the interest level is high and growing. That kind of grass roots involvement bodes well for the future there at higher levels.

See Timmie’s Christmas coffee cut they have for sale across the country has a maple leaf on it, but no maple leaf for the Quebec version. I guess Timmie’s doesn’t want the country to get in the way of making money. :oops: :oops: :wink:

catfish, useful information for the holiday season seeing that I may be the only person in New Brunswick that never goes to Tim Hortons I would never known that fact.So that old adage is correct, you learn something everyday!Thanks man. :smiley:

Nah it is a lot easyer to blackmail a minority federal government for money...

Probably the same reason that you can't find Molson Canadian for sale anywhere in Quebec, or if you do, it's hidden in the back of the store. It just doesn't sell, so why bother trying?

Or how about Petro-Canada? Look at their slogan in the two official languages. In English, it's "Canada's Gas Station". In French, it's "La Petro-station des gens d'ici" - "The Gas station for people around here". No mention of Canada. I'm actually surprised that they haven't changed their name and logo in Quebec.

Businesses aren't in existence to promote unity or patriotism. They exist to make money for their owners. And if appearing to promote unity or patriotism helps sell their product, they go with it. If, on the other hand, it hurts their sales, they don't. Simple marketing practice.

Noticed the same thing with the Labatt's Blue label when I was in QC.

catfish, useful information for the holiday season seeing that I may be the only person in New Brunswick that never goes to Tim Hortons I would never known that fact.So that old adage is correct, you learn something everyday!Thanks man. :smiley:
Holiday Season? Isn't that the summer? That's when my holiday season is.
Do you mean the Christmas season?
(sorry I hate political correctness - and the term Holiday Season)

But getting back to football/Quebec and beer. You can buy Quart bottles of beer in Quebec and a big seller is Laurentide.
You can't buy quart bottles in Ontario - we might drink too much.

Yea, don’t you really hate it when these Politically correct guys use the term “Holiday Season” when they mean Christmas!!

Don't know about you, but I take vacation in the summer. Holidays are those days every year that the government says are mandatory days off, or that people at least are better compensated for working, such as Christmas. And if you think of the origin of the word holiday, as in holy day, Christmas does fit that, doesn't it? None in the summer fit that definition that I know of.

Even though I'm an apatheist, it's still the Christmas season to me - just part of my culture. I don't get upset when people don't call it that - maybe it's part of their culture. But I do get upset when people get upset over other people's naming of the season. Aren't we supposed to be a free country? Shouldn't we be allowed to call the season whatever we want?

Agree with the last three posters re: the "Christmas" issue -- I've asked a few attendants "oh, what holidays are those?" when they shove that "Happy Holidays" fluff down my throat.

Getting back to topic though, isn't there an upcoming case to investigate the TMLs regarding their possible attempts to keep another NHL team out of southern Ontario? These cases of existing teams having a veto over the establishment of new teams within a market is looking like a breach of the Competition Act and while it hasn't been tested formally yet, that day is coming soon... :cowboy: