Als would have a better fan turnout at McGill for ESfinal

Olympic Stadium is such a poor place for football, it's the reason why the Als left it in 1997 for McGill - likely saving the franchise as we all know. I understand wanting to play indoors in late November, but the weather isn't THAt bad yet. If they can play outdoors to full houses on the prairies in November there's no reason the Als can't too where it is much warmer. At least for the Eastern Sem-Final, where a crowd of 20-25,000 will show up - probably even less in Olympic Stadium.

Ticket sell's for the Al's game is sitting at just under 18,000 today and the phones have stop. It's over Montreal, should have stayed at McGill. Will they even hit 25,000 at the Big O.

Well...I'll be there despite everything
C'mon Montrealers
It's not always just about winning
And it may well be about saying goodbye to a quarterback legend

I'm guessing there'll be a lot of folks who'll regret not going
If this turns out to be AC's swan-song
He may not have been my favourite over the years
But if this is his last game
He deserves a Big Crowd

And no boo-birds allowed!

Playoff games have been at Olympic stadium for years now and basically for the almighty $. More seats allowing for larger crowds than McGill and ultimately more dollars to the bottom line. Up until this year, attendance was approximately 35k or more.

Hate to say it but I called it... Would have been way better off to pack McGill, charge a little more for the Tickets and fill it with Als fans. Instead of playing at the Big O, spending 300k and having an extra 10 000 fans half of which will be Hamilton fans. A lot of factors contribute to this and I won't reash them. Financialy this will not be a good year for the organization and I just hope that Lalonde will speed up his troops and that our owner won't hit the panic button.

35 000 tickets when McGill was 20 000 made more sense. But now that McGill can hold 25 000 fans in a quality environment it makes less sense. Your basicaly downgrading your 25 000 loyal customers to make room for a few thousand clients and the other team's fans

Pretty sure they were shooting for 45-50k people at the Olympic stadium and not 35k. And more than likely they had to book the stadium well in advance (not that there is a whole heck of allot going on at the Olympic stadium these days) of knowing where the team would finish and who they would end up playing.
The organization sent out Playoff ticket letters to season ticket holders at least 6 weeks ago with it outlining it could be the eastern semi final or the eastern final game to be played.

If they had 45000 people in attendance that would represent an additional 20000 people over McGill. For argument sake, say average ticket price of $50, that's another $1m of revenue. And then the added revenue for food and beverage....

We've been fighting for a Division top spot until our last game & Als where hoping we would clinch & the annual "event" that is the Finals would be around 48 K+ fans....but we got the East-Semis & Als know there will be way less fans in stands...

Being a season ticket holder I would prefer if we play at McGill

Last time we played a semifinal at home (2005 vs x-over, SSK) there was 31K fans (per CFL site)....and we finished the second half of the season with a 6-3 records...

Als are coming off a 3 game losing streak, i'll be honest, I don't expect more than 30K at stadium...

For sure a tough situation for the organization and the team's play in the last month didn't make their job any easyer. But in an SMB when you pull the trigger on a decision like this you have to be 100 percent sure your going to be succesful and how do you explain to your owner that maybe you don't do it when you've pulled it off numerous times.

Anyway, perfectr shiatstorm and this is what you get... suks...

If the 18 000 ticket sale figure IS accurate that would mean that anywhere up to 25 percent of your season ticket holders have chosen not to purchase tickets for the Big O. Gives you an idea of how many of your season ticket holders are inconvenienced to upset...

Wasn't the expansion of McGill suppose to make the Big O unnecessary ???? The 45 000 extra paying fans and corp box revenues not make up for those 30 000 extra fans at the Big O ? I mean its nice if you can get them and sure use the place for a final when your team is red hot and your waiting list is overflowing or for your turn at the GC game but was this necessary ?

The Al's still have the most expensive ticket in the league and the highest average ticket price. Even at 24,000 ave, the Al's bottom line is just fine. Not as good as last year, i agree, but still in the 18.5 to 20 million range.

If the 18 000 ticket sale figure IS accurate that would mean that anywhere up to 25 percent of your season ticket holders have chosen not to purchase tickets for the Big O. Gives you an idea of how many of your season ticket holders are inconvenienced to upset...
XGamer can probably confirm being a season ticket holder, but the ticket office has sent out a communication earlier to all season ticket holders about receiving many calls in the past 24 hours about purchasing their tickets for the game as they had not done so already. Whether these season ticket holders end up actually purchasing tickets remains to be seen.

Je m'en contresaintciboirise complètement. Je serai là dimanche pour encourager notre équipe et faire du bruit pendant que les Timinous auront le ballon, s'il manque du monde, eh bien criez plus fort!

On se tapera les reproches et les conjectures lorsque les Alouettes seront éliminés.

The costs of playing at Stade Olympique are excessive; in order to break even/absorb the costs,roughly 38,000 tickets have to be sold. Based on numbers given/circulating to date,there will not be 38,000 tickets sold; probably ranging between 25,000 and 30,000. Als fans have been spoiled over the years and you wonder if they deserve a CFL team. Imagine if we had a loosing record. If the tickets sold are as low,-25,000 to 30,000- it is probably the last year at Stade Olympique.

I feel sorry for Mr. Wetenhall and Mr. Lalonde; it would be so easy for them to say "the heck with it". Hearing or reading some negative comments from Media and many fans,you have the impression that we are 4-14 or so. Even some of us, on this Forum, have "la critique facile"/semblent prendre plaisir à critiquer les Alouettes,particulièrement Anthony". We have a very good team,even if we lose next sunday; sure,improvements/changes,if not the best will have to be made but the nucleus of a very good team is there. We have one of the best coaching staff in the CFL along with the best VP football operations/G.M. At the end of the season I,along with others,bring my 2 cents of comments/wishes,but I will be as constructive as can be.

I am proud of this team and hope for the best on sunday. Que les vrais fans se lèvent et aillent encourager les Alouettes!


Bien envoyé!

Au début de la saison, on voyait pratiquement tous les Alouettes à la finale de l'Est, et ils ont bien failli y parvenir malgré tous leurs déboires. Richard a raison : nous avons toute une équipe! Les Alouettes auraient pu s'écraser bien avant la fin de la saison, mais ils ont été dans la course et ils sont toujours dans la course. Quelle autre équipe aurait pu faire ça?

Ce serait malheureux et ingrat qu'il y ait moins de 40 000 places de vendues au Stade, mais si c'est le cas, les Alouettes prendront une décision d'affaires pour l'an prochain. En attendant, mettons nos efforts à motiver nos joueurs! C'est le meilleur temps pour le faire.

We have not received such an email since we already bought our 8 season/Big O tixs when they came out....

Like LeStaf said: I'll be there cheering my heart out Sunday....regardless of what happened previous weeks !

I agreed with you for the most part. However Lalonde to me, still has allot of work to do with regards to marketing the team.

Guess it went out to only those who did not purchase.

We sure have been spoiled. The Als sting of success since 96 is one of the biggest anomalies I have ever seen in pro sports. This never happens. The business side of the business was never going to be a quick fix. Mr. Lalonde will need two years to fix most of the stuff and a little longer for some of the more complex issues like training centre and such.

Also I don't think our small bunch here is representative of most Als fans.

As for the Olympic Stadium thing. I think you go to that the appeal has eroded over time, let's face it the Als home is McGill/Molson stadium. The last two years the team has not promoted itself well, the congestion issues in Montreal probably the worse in North America right now, the economy soft, the way the Als ended all the season all resulted in soft demand for the tickets. 35 000 tickets would be well received in Winnipeg, Hamilton, Calgary, Regina, Toronto but not here ? Als have a strong core of fans 20 000 plus, they need to do a better job promoting themselves to attract casual fans. I think Lalonde will accomplish this over the next two years.