Als workout Josh Freeman.....

:lol: I hear ya !!! the word on the street is that Herb is about as popular with you Al fans as Dunk is with those Rider fans :lol: .

Just out of curiosity who exactly is Herb’s buddy moochacha ? and what job didn’t he get ?

The “great” Danny Maciocia… Who did not get the Als job of GM, and king ambassador of the team, despite Herb promoting and pushing for him.

Danny “Dirty Dancing” Maciocia

Except we have good reasons to hate Herb… Check this out for his latest masterpiece and ask yourself if Drew had written this and walkd passed Scott Mitchell or Austin the next day.

Predictably, the Als dominated the game, winning 38-5.

“Hope the Als feel mighty confident from the win last night. LOL,? a member of Ottawa’s front office texted the Montreal Gazette on Friday.

I mean who writes stuff like that. You have to wonder how Desjardins our Chiu feel about this ? Because we Als fans know its one of these two guys who said this.

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#Redblacks stick it to #Alouettes by adding QB Josh Freeman to negotiation list

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Als weren’t ready to sign him, they had 3 full days to work him out and negotiate. I think the idea was that if Vernon had another stinker, they might cut him and sign Freeman, Adams looked real good and had Ottawa defenders doing the Salsa most downs and saved his job… Having said that the league should do away with these stupid games. Hamilton has 3 of them locked out now, this isn’t a great look for the league IMO.

Wow this is a Tampa Bay throwback for me, where I lived for most of my time on this forum since February 2010 from the summer of 2010 to the summer of 2015. Here is a post from the archives on Freeman's past after he played decently for a few seasons in the NFL in Tampa Bay and had an otherwise clean background:


Josh Freeman had so much potential but took a wrong turn somehow locally after the 2012 season in Tampa Bay. Then hush hush style all quickly over a weekend, it appeared to me that two NFL owners worked something out to include undisclosed terms so that Freeman could be shipped out of Tampa Bay quickly along with plenty of the local chatter on him despite the local homer media cover job for the Bucs.

I would wish Freeman the best in a comeback after cleaning up his life.

Adams looked good playing against the Ottawa backup defenders… :oops:
He had time to throw considering that the Als starting “O” line starting was up against players on a “D” line who were all cut yesterday. But considering the time he had he did underthrow balls.
A real test would’ve been him going up against a starting “D” with a pass rush and real defenders.
Too bad he won’t get a true test until a real game.

I agree these pre-season games are a huge disappointment, time to get TSN to STOP televising them.
The RBs looked good at home in the 1st quarter with their starters against the Ticat backups. But terrible with their backups on the road.
The Argos looked good at home with most of their starters against backups.
Ticats looked good at home for a quarter with their starters against backups.

I think it’s the backups going against the starters that is the real test.

Here`s a story on some issues Freeman went through at Tampa Bay, although certainly a long time ago.

[url=] ... sh-freeman[/url]

I think it was more a negotiation issue with the Als than any character concerns. Why would Freeman and his agent agree to sign to be a 4th string QB with no guarantee of future playing time?

The Als had worked him out in May in Dallas but didn`t invite him to training camp. Why the renewed interest last week? Likely because Adams performance in the 1st pre-season game had made them nervous. And frankly Adams still makes me nervous.

BC Lions got rid of Adams. Not really a CFL capable qb in my opinion. Throw him in regular season games and I think he struggles mightily.

First, he wouldn’t sign with BC and second, he won three straight as a rookie so not sure what you are talking about.

Yeah my bad, thought he had played and they traded him away. :oops:

Here's a fine article on the site not only about Josh Freeman, but also a great history of other former NFL quarterbacks or those who moved around from training camp to training camp who made the move to the CFL:

I'm hoping for the best for Freeman amidst a whole lot of carnage when you sort through those names.

It always struck me as odd that an NFL team would invest millions in a QB who is diagnosed and treated as ADHD. Tough disorder for a QB to have and maintain success.

My belief is the NFL ruins QB's for the CFL. The longer they play in the NFL, the more useless they are in the CFL. "Robots", as D. Flutie coined them. The NFL is looking for tall, solidly-built game managers who can execute the called play, and more importantly who don't turn the ball over. But game managers won't win you many games in the CFL.

With only two downs to work with, CFL QB's need to be aggressive with the ability to sense and evade the pass rush, while still looking downfield to complete the pass. QB reads are often made before the snap, not after. They rarely have the time to sit back in the pocket and go through their progressions...more likely they're running for their lives and hopefully throwing accurately on the run. Different game. Different skill-set. I wish J. Freeman well, but having played competently (but obviously not competently enough) in the NFL has little to no bearing on how successful he could become in the CFL.

In also has no bearing on how unsuccessful either. The determining factors are how well and how patiently they are integrated into the league and how well they are coached and surrounded. Because they have pro experience, expectations are greater and they are often thrown in prematurely.