Als workout Josh Freeman.....

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If this was Saskatchewan who worked out Freeman the usual culprits with their cartoon drawings and playground bum buddies would be raising all heck. Laugh out loud.

As is, what do the adults on this site think about this?

I suppose the Als have nothing to lose by taking a look at him.

EDIT : I thought the Als had worked him out back around mid-May sometime? I'm not clear that this happened today or whether 3rdDownNation was so focused on ragging on another team that they missed this till just now? Odd.

When was his presser with his wife and kids in attendance? :wink:

I’ll check with 3rddownnation and get back to you as soon as they give me an answer… :wink:

[i]The Alouettes will give him the key to the city Wednesday, throw a parade in his honor Thursday, and retire his jersey number Friday.

Oh wait, this isn't Rider land! :smiley:

He will be cut within 10 days and never be heard from again.[/i]

Explain if you can…you like to pretend you’re an expert on all things Roughrider. Let me guess, you’ve never been to Saskatchewan have you? You’ve never known anyone from there have you… how do you like the “equalization” payments that support you?

Jim Popp isn’t in Montreal anymore . :wink:

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Q: What are the biggest myths about it?

A: Many see equalization as a transfer between provincial governments. It isn’t. In Alberta, for example, some blame the equalization program for our $10-billion deficit. This misses two critical aspects of the program.

First, equalization payments are funded by the federal government from its own general revenue. There is no “equalization pot” into which rich provinces contribute.

Second, the equalization formula is based on a province’s ability to raise revenue, not how much revenue it actually does raise. Alberta — even today — has the largest capacity to raise revenue in the country. Our deficit is a choice, not something caused by equalization.

What's the deal with Riders fans playing the victim card so often?

Come on ExPat , everyone knows that in this crazy world we live in that there are really only two types of people . There are those that are lovers and are Rider fans and then there are the rest of us that are all haters that are fans of other teams and specifically are especially Rider haters . Sadly to some it seems there is no in between on this subject…especially if yer wearing Green tinted glasses . :lol: 8)

…and now a message from a typical Riders fan…over to you Oscar… :lol:

I think everyone understands that the transfer of money from “have” provinces to “have not” provinces is not direct but rather is brokered by the feds acting as the middle man. Whether it’s labeled an equalization pot or general gov’t revenues, the net result is the same: some provinces lose money from the equalization programme and some provinces gain from it.

Actually if one looks specifically at both Freeman's and Young's career NFL stats , Freeman is the better quarterback of the two with the better and bigger upside . So with that let's look at the comparisons side by side .

  • Both are similar in size ( Freeman - 6' 6" , 240 lbs ) Young ( 6' 5" , 232 lbs) but Freeman is a full five yrs younger at age 29 than Young is at 34 .

  • Freeman last played in a regular seasoned game in the 2015 season .

  • Young last played in a regular seasoned game in the 2011 season .

  • Freeman has played in 62 career NFL games over 6 seasons ( 2009 -2015) and has thrown 81 TD passes.

  • Young has played in 61 career NFL games over 6 seasons ( 2006 - 2011 ) and has thrown for 46 TD passes.

  • Freeman's top 3 seasons totals for TD passes are 27 , 25 and 16 .

  • Young's top 3 seasons totals for TD passes are 12 , 10 and 10 .

  • Freeman's top 3 seasons in passing yardage are 4,065 , 3,592 and 3,451 .

  • Young's top 3 seasons in passing yardage are 2,546 , 2,199 and 1,879 .

  • Freeman's total career passing yardage over 6 seasons is 13,873 yards .

  • Young's total career passing yardage over 6 seasons is 8,964 yards .

  • Freeman's avg per gm passing yds for his career is 223.8 yds .

  • Young's avg per gm passing yds for his career is 149.4 yds .

  • Freeman's career quarterback rating is 77.6%

  • Young's career quarterback rating is 74.4%

  • Freeman's career completions are 1,179

  • Young's career completions are 755

Simply put if it was me and I had a choice of signing one of these guys over the other I would sign Freeman any day of the week over Young . Hindsight being what it is maybe Corky should have tried to sign Freeman instead of wasting his time and effort signing the likes of an over rated and over hyped Vince Young . [url=] ... areerstats[/url]

Bien que je ne sois pas d’accord avec la façon dont notre ami Johnny ait animé cette rubrique, je me dois d’intervenir pour dire ceci: tous les québécois préféreraient contribuer à la péréquation plutôt que d’en recevoir. Mais il semble y avoir une constante dans la gestion du pays qui consiste à limiter autant que possible les investissements structurants au Québec et d’y faire plus de dépenses non-structurantes. Ceci n’est pas unique au Québec, mais quand on suit la distribution de ce genre de dépenses par province, on comprend mieux pourquoi les provinces qui versent à la péréquation le font, et pourquoi celles qui en reçoivent en ont. Je terminerai en rappelant que certaines de celles-ci ont longtemps bénéficié de cette répartition financière avant d’y contribuer. Les 15 dernières années ne doivent pas effacer les 135 précédentes.

Je cesse ici cette intervention à saveur politique et n’y reviendrai pas. J’écris ici parce que j’aime ce que nous aimons tous : le football canadien.

Voilà un regard plus objectif du travail de Freeman.

Je retiens aussi 68 interceptions, ce qui me fait penser que ce gars a de la difficulté à lire le terrain et prendre les bonnes décisions de jeu. J’en prends aussi à témoin son faible pourcentage de passes complétées (57%) pour en arriver à la même conclusion. Ce gars n’est pas un bon passeur et c’est pourquoi il ne sera probablement pas embauché. Pour un supporteur des Alouettes, il est un autre Troy Smith et ne fera pas mieux que lui.

Chapdelaine ne parle pas de lui.

Freeman was a much better NFL quarterback than Young...but it's likely neither ever find any success in the CFL.

And yes, it's the hoopla surrounding Young that has brought along the scrutiny. The Riders set him up for this with the press conference and hype on social media like they somehow got Young to defer from the NFL draft back in 08 to join the CFL.

Bridge deserves more recognition and IMO should be the starter this year, I'd love to hear the argument why Glenn and Young should be 1-2 ahead of him the depth chart.

Peut-être que Bridge a progressé, mais vous pourriez être déçu de ses performances.

According to fans and media. BB didn’t look good at all during camp. So because of a quarter of pre-season football, he should be given the job ahead of KG who according to everything I read was in a class by himself.

If they can protect KG he will give them similar numbers to what Durant would give them. There isn’t much between these two guys.

You are correct sir , it was at the Alouettes mini - camp in May where Freeman was worked out .

Here is the latest from yer favourite site over at 3D Nation…apparently Freeman is still in town and was spotted at the preseason game tonight…of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Al’s will eventually sign him but according to Als beat reporter Herb Zerkowsky it can only mean that they will sign him . Apparently the team worked him out recently at Bishop’s University . So basically who knows ? Stayed tuned for further developments…

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… ou que son avion de retour n’était pas avant le lendemain…

Quoi qu’il en soit, il n’était pas avec l’équipe sur les lignes de côté. Il était plus loin.

Enfin, si les Alouettes lui donnent un contrat et retranchent un de Adams ou Shiltz, ils vont me faire perdre foi en leur lucidité.

How did you like it when ONT was the one making those payments??

Never listen to Herb