Als win!!!Als win!!!

the als win there first game and beat team most on this forum expected to beat them this year.

I hate to say, but I could not of been more right! :lol:

I felt like I stood alone on believing in the Als on this forum! People were arguing with me!

Cobourne showed some great stuff, and sorry Discipline, Diedrick played good when he was in. Desriveaux, man, props to him. Took a big hit on the 1st play of the game, and came back and had a fine game. He'll never fill Cahoon's shoes, but the toughness he showed, is Cahoon-Like.

Defensively, Hill looked great! We stuffed that run, limited Jesse Lumsden, which I must say, 99% of you said he'd run wild on us. Printers looked good, especially for a guy who was running for his life.

Marc Trestman looked very organised. I was impressed with his debut, technically winning his first career CFL game, in his 1st game.

Last but not least, I have a huge smile on my face, after Calvillo's performance. So happy to see him bounce back!

Say what you want, whether it's Hamilton or BC, a win is a win, and I am very satisfied with the performance, and I am very excited for this season!

I think Trestman and Calvillo will be the stories of the season, in the CFL.

good job guys. calvillo played great.

ticat FAN

I was surprised by all of the people picking the Ticats. I expected more of them though.