Als Win 33-17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah Baby!!!!!!

What a great job by the D after the first quarter, Edwards gets hurt but Lapointe was amazing, what a game. And what a greatgame by Duval.

We're going to the Grey Cup :smiley:

This year the Als started slow and got better in the second half of the season, and seem to have put together there best defense just in time for the playoffs,which is what Matthews said would happen.
Lots of pressiure on Allen today.

Cavillo was very nervous to start the game and at that time I felt like ro1313 that it was allover but you could see the difference in Cavillo from the second Quarter on.

Never been so happy to be wrong in all my life

I think we were all thiniking the same thing after the first quarter when Allen couldn’t be stopped at times and Cavillo couldn’t be started, but I am glad you were wrong too 8)

Remember when whats his name went in the tent to get some popcorn?
Rigth after that I told my buddy Als are going to win there mad now :wink:


GREAT JOB ALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRING THE GC HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVENGE THE EXPOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO ALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 AND 0 IN THE POS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S TOPS!!!!!!!!!!