Als will win

You heard it here, first.
The Als will hit the field Saturday and Calvillo will complete three straight short ones to open up the BC defence and allow Edwards some room. The latter will have three carries averaging six yards on first down and give AC more options, which he will take advantage of. He will throw 20 yards to Terrence Edwards and toss a 16-yard touchdown strike to Cahoon.
The defence will respond by getting to either Dickenson and Pierce early. Sacks will be recorded by Strickland and Butler, and Karikari will have an interception.
Duval boots FGs of 34 and 46 yards.
B.C. will respond with a FG and a long punt single.
1st quarter..Als 13 B.C. 4.
B.C. will drop behind 16-4 before a 60-yard TD pass and a FG on their next possession.
1st half...Als 16 B.C. 14
Edwards will pick up 12 yards on two straight carries and the B.C. defence will be guessing. Calvillo drops back into the shotgun, pump-fakes and makes the Lions' five-man rush hesitate. This gives Thyron Anderson time to break free, head down the sidelines and grab a 42-yard reception. Edwards carries it over two plays later.
The defence will pressure Pierce and his third-quarter passing output will be two-for-seven for 17 yards.
3rd quarter...Als 23 B.C. 14
The Lions will put together an impressive 12-play, 82-yard TD drive to narrow the score to 23-20 with just over two minutes to go. Buono opts for the two-point convert, but the pass is alertly knocked down by Anwar Stewart.
Als anticipate the onside kick and recover it. Calvillo throws to Cahoon for a first down, which allows Montreal to eat up the clock.
Final score...Als 23 B.C. 20
You heard it here, first.

I could not have heard it here first cause you posted it twice

Sorry about that. Screw up on my computer

This won't happen, as per my info, "Strick" is still out with a sprained ankle !

Try your luck @ 6/49 wednesday instead...22 million$ !

Beside, Terrence Edwards is also out with an injury. But if you are only off on a few names, I will gladly come back here and call you a god.