Als will never be the Beasts of the East

YOu can't not anymore. My team has alot of heart then anyone in the CFL.

and who would they be?

I can tell you this the reign of the Al's is OVER. I gurantee that if they win over the gades in Halifax I will tell you Motrealers bout the team I think will bring them down.

u are a moron, and i wish nothing but the worst for u.

first of all who is gonna beat them? Hamilton while adding a few good players therye still missing receivers that can hang on to the ball and dont need to go offsides or interfere to get downfield. Also Maas is not as good as Calvillo and Id take Edwards over Ranek



Wow trash talk, right after Hamilton signed 3 FA...I'm impressed....

ANY team this year BRING THEM ON...nobody gave the Al'S a chance last year...everybody wanted them to "croack" (except fans like us, who believed in them !)...heck we went to the BIG SHOW after beating T.O. in their house...we only returned the favor from 2004....

Al's are always contenders....we didn't get "raped" in the FA pool.....except Karikari who's in a limbo with some expected NFL try-outs...but from the article this morning in the Gazette looks like he will be back....

Bring any team on ! We'll be ready...and everybody in the league will still hate the "Don"...because he's a winning coach !

P.S.: Have you checked the pre-season game record between the Al's & 'Gades....pretty even but Al's are 1 or 2 victories ahead...and pre-season means nothing especially this year in Halifax, since we don't even know if most of our "regular" starters will play !

Not a smart move from the league, Halifax SHOULD be the last pre-season game played in the would be sure to have almost all the "regular" starters from the 2 teams...

How can you argue with a statement like this?
I cant even figure out what he is trying to say!

Good thing I carry around an internet gibberish translator. According the the translator he is trying to say:

You can not anymore (what we cant do exactly is unspecified as of yet). My team (which is also still unspecified) has a lot more than than any other team in the CFL

mada, you forgot one more unspecified area.....a lot more WHAT than any other team????

living on the streets is a fate too good for duckmonk

Need i say more the RENS will destroy you and unleash the Angry Beavers.

The rens will destroy nobody with a run and shoot offense

The Rens ?? Don’t know that team…

Angry beaver…are you taking about Team Canada Men Hockey or the Bell Canada ads ?

Man I hate those ads !

Gades beat the Als? HA! don't make me laugh, Canada Day seems more and more like a filuke everything the gades lose a player.

Ottawa's upcoming offensive season under John Jenkins, at a glance

Series 1
1st Down - Pass
2nd Down - Pass
3rd Down - Kick

Series 2
1st Down - Pass
2nd Down - Pass
3rd Down - Kick

Series 3
1st Down - Pass
2nd Down - Pass
3rd Down - Kick

Series 4
1st Down - RUN!!!!
2nd Down - Pass
3rd Down - Kick


Throw in the occasional QB sack on first or second down and you've pretty much got it..

Taken from a Riders fan (cunninglinguist) on the site..:wink:

strange, I thought by the title that they would just run the ball most of the time, and pass only a few times.

Silly me

what ever way you wanna look at it, good or bad, the passing game is the dominate thing in football today.

Unless Ottawa does some major moves, I see them challenging Hamiltons dubious 1-17 record in 2006.

Montreal and Toronto will still duke it out for 1st with Hamilton giving both of them a run for their money.