Als will be slaughtered

Time to get everybody riled up and angry!
My prediction for Thursday. The melting Calvillo and his milquetoast offence will be held to less than 200 yards and fail to score a touchdown.
Burris will eat the Als alive by throwing for close to 400 yards and, at least, three touchdowns. Reynolds will be yanked in the second half, after rushing for over 100 yards in the first.
Final score: Calgary 40 Montreal 11.
There you have it. If I don't get at least five replies calling me a jerk and a moron, and several queries as to what hallucinegen I've been ingesting, I will pass you all off as a bunch of fair-weathered fairies.

You think you can get anybody angry with a pointless post like that, please. Calgary had trouble winning the first time when they were at home, Calvillo threw for almost 400 yards against a poor defense and reynolds rushed for 58 on 16 carries, for a lovely 3.6 yards per carries. The fact you think that the oh so consistent calgary will come to montreal and crush the Als made me giggle like a schoolgirl.

I'll predict this much; if we play against Calgary the way we played against Toronto, then we will get slaughtered. I think Calgary's offence is far more potent than Toronto's, so we'd better get some sustained offence going so our defence doesn't get tired out and collapse in the fourth quarter as they did in Toronto. AC and the receivers better bring their "A" game.

I know Pee-Wee players who can catch a ball better than Watkins and Anderson, does Popp want their numbers? I say the Defence will win this game, no problem for the Als. Als by 10

.....I gotta admire danpel's style, it gave me goosebumps reading his prediction.......but alas I doubt the Als will be as big a pushover this week as they were for the Argos.....the Stamps will be rested and ready to go but I'm thinking the same type of game as was played last with Montreal coming away with the win by 6.......

Intelligent, rational responses by all. Gee, you guys aren't any fun. Meanwhile, in my dream world, the Als read the post, tack it up on the dressing room wall, get really p.o.ed and pummel the Stamps just to spite me.

What's up with Calvillo, not as sharp as he has been. He doesn't seem to be rolling out as much hitting guys on the run.

You were right. except we scored 23 points instead, nonetheless it's not something I'm use to or gonna get use to see the Als get blown out on homefield. Good thing they got off to a great start.