Als welcome Rod Davis

According to the boss ! Rod Davis is signed and there are offers out for Byron Parker and Aaron Hunt

Rod is a baller.

I am very happily surprised at this signing. I think Rod Davis is one heck of a linebacker, probably the most underrated in the CFL.

I wonder if his signing is an indication that we will be seeing a 3/4 defence this season. . .

I don't think it is decided but it looks like the team wants to have the option.

To me, this just looks like the end of Diamond Ferri's tenure as an Al. If we wanted a 3-4 defense, we could run it already with Ferri, Guzman, Cox, Emry, Dublanko, and Brouillette (in fact, we did run it at times last season). Though of course a 3-4 alignment is probably an option Reinebold wants to have on certain downs and in certain situations.

Diamond is not a MLB. I think it would have been very unwise to go to camp with our starting MLB recovering from major concussion syndrome. We don't even know if he can take ONE hit. Guys will compete.

That would mean a ratio change, though. We're already thin on non-imports and we'd have to open up a spot for a Canadian somewhere else. Maybe this means Deslauriers is finally going to be a starter?

We're not really

Starting Seven

Bourque---- Matte
Woody------ Bomben

Situational : Deslauriers,Carter,Diedrick,Bekasiak,Hecht

Depth: Surla,Ruttan,,Ihekwoaba,

Kicker: Whyte/Mcknight

That's your 21 dressed roster if we dress one kicker. My guess is we are going to draft a defensive linesman in one of our top two picks. Or possibly trade one of our offensive linesman for one as 7 of the top 10 draft prospects are working down south hoping to get an NFL shot so the draft this year is a huge crapshoot pretty much every prospect is a gamble and the juniors would not be available for at least another year.

We've always dressed at least one more than the minimum starting 7 in years past. Do you think we're changing philosophy this year? And as your list makes clear, Emry or Dublanko has to start, Davis or no Davis. Otherwise we have to find a starting Canadian spot elsewhere. Maybe it is at DL, maybe we go looking for a good Canadian backup for Bekasiak.

Five on the oline, one MLB, and one safety or outside LB. or it could mean we are going to a 34 defense.

We have Emry,Davis,Cox,Brouillette,Ferri,Guzman,Surla,Wood,Vince Anderson. That's a lot of linebackers. And if you look at the offers to Hunt and Parker you can make a strong case that's the direction we are going in.

You know what's amazing, people say our team is old. Look at our Non Imports, we have ONE guy older than 30 and its allstar Flory. Kind of makes you smile :wink:

There is your answer: Jim telling Rick Moffat that we are going to a 34 with Emry and Davis playing inside !

Whoa. Big shift in defensive philosophy. MadJack should be happy. :slight_smile:

I have mixed feelings about the 3-4 alignment in the CFL. We certainly have the linebackers to make it work, but I just don't know how viable it is to take a lineman off the field in a league where the defense lines up a yard off the ball. You're a half-step farther from the action, your ability to swarm the ball is limited, and you're vulnerable to the run.

That said, I'm going to give Reinebold and Trestman the benefit of the doubt. They undoubtedly see something here.

I don't think we're old at all. Sure, Calvillo is Father Time, but apart from Flory, our O-line is young, our receivers are in their physical prime, and our defense doesn't now contain a single player 35 or older.

Was that earlier this morning by chance?

I am extremely surprised; he is a good player,but I never expected that we would sign Davis. Yes,MadJack is quite happy. Let's hope that Davis will play in line with your happiness.


So who's our starting four? Emry, Davis, Cox, and Ferri? What happens to Guzman? Even with a 3-4 alignment, I think we're carrying too many linebackers at the moment. :lol:

Agreed. I am deeply concerned about our front four. While Anwar may have lost a step or two, he was quite the beast and a leader last season; he's gone now. Wilson is also gone; he was a beast against the run. These two need to be replaced. I have heard precious little about the front four. Part of the problem last season with all of the injuries we had in the secondary was a lack of an effective pass rush or the ability to bring pressure on the QB. Result? We got torched! We need a great front four.

Last point - I have never been a fan of the 3-4. It appears as if the Als may be heading in that direction.

I was talking about the starting linebackers, since we appear to be heading to a 3-4 alignment. But on the topic of the D-line:

End - Bowman
Nose Tackle - Hopkins, Bekasiak
End - ?? Akra, McElveen (if he's back), or one of the new ends we signed last week?

It'll be an adjustment to lose Stewart and Wilson, but that's pro football. At some point, you have to make these tough changes for the long-term health of the franchise. Look at what Hufnagel has done in Calgary. The offensive core of the 2008 championship team is gone: Burris, Reynolds, Copeland, and in all likelihood Rambo. If you keep veterans around out of loyalty, it'll come back to bite you. (see the Argonauts under Stubler a few years ago)

I guess Jim Popp was playing possum when he said the Als will not be active in free agency.

Rod Davis is a very active MLB, never expected it , because did not think the Als needed an additional LB. It is also ironic that we don`t have a LB coach as yet.

If you listen to Popp`s interview this morning on the CJAD website a lot is clarified.

Trestman apparently was very high on Davis, and Reinebold will be running a great deal of 3-4.

Popp also pleased with the new talent recruited, particularly DL Montgomery, and some of the returning D-linemen, probably meaning Akra and Hopkins.

Im excited about the apparent direction the defense will be taking under Reinebold - aggressive and with multiple looks. I would assume there will be some growing pains, but Im really looking forward to it.

One of the benefits of going to a 34 defense is that you are carrying more linebackers on your dress roster. Those guys are typically your best "ATHLETES" so that will give a tremendous boost and flexibility to special teams. The trade off is your giving up some running room to your opponent.

As for JKM's worry about our defensive linesmen, keep in mind that there is four months to the start of the season. We have an abundance of talent in certain positions that could easily allow Jim to make a trade, there is the draft and still a bunch of time to look down south. I mean we are four months from opening the season and we are short one or two bodies. The only other team in a similar position is the BC Lions.