Als website

Has anybody else been experiencing difficulty entering the Als website? I have been having trouble logging on and reported it to the team.

'Senior's revenge'


Early last season I had difficulty in getting my posts through the system. I utilized all the mechanisms as noted on but the fact that I changed my posting name to Niagara Als somehow was at the root of he problem. Finally in frustration I called the Als office seeking assistance. A very polite intelligent staff member was successful in solving that difficulty- no problems since then.

I asked that they make a new forum, not affiliated with Bob Young or, that they would have full control over. Seems like the logical next step.

It was back up the following day. I had reported it to the Als, The way I log on (only to the Als forum), the Als website had to be working. So, as the website went down, I couldn't log on. Now I'm logged on the the CFL website, which means I can look into the other fora as well. I don't always do that, but I likely will in the future.