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Well here we are, a little over half an hour before our game versus Saskatchewan, and no depth chart is posted.

Where are ericalouettes and jadealouettes when we really need them??

MadJack, don't hold you breath...

ericalouettes, jadesalouettes & even Noahsidel don't care about what the fans think.

I went thru a "QA" of the Als website, links by links, told them what was wrong (error 401, ect..), sent everything via e-mail, and none of them replied...

I also have given hope on them !

If you go to the Als site under nouvelles/news you will see/find: Tableau des matches/Game table and you will have all the information,i.e. Alignement/roster and charte des positions/position chart along with stats. Well done!

Thank you to Louis-Philippe Dorais.


Merci bien, Richard !!

Silly me, I was just clicking on "Position Charts" in the roster section.

Hello everyone,
I would just like you all to know that we care deeply about your concerns and comments... we cannot, however, make everyone happy and make changes all of a sudden.
We have gotten comments from many of you, both positive and negative, but whatever they are, there is a process behind making changes that takes more effort than you might imagine.
As for the position charts, they were available at 9 am the day before the game in both languages... We will try to make this more clear in the future.
Please keep the comments coming, but bear in mind that we can't do everything you'd like right away.
Thank you for your comments and please feel free to email us at Re: Website. Those emails will be forwarded to me personally and I will do my best to keep up with whatever it is our fans are looking for.
Noah Sidel
Web Editor,

Thanks Noah...........I was clicking on "Position Chart" and it wasn't there....but after Richard posted, I was able to find it.

Hey Madjack,
I have no problem with you guys asking questions... to say we don't care about the fans is a little extreme though! (not that you said that, but it was said in this thread)... If we didn't care about the fans, we wouldn't exist!

You are correct, I didn't say that !!