Als vs. TO... The Bombers must be laughing!

I’ve just about finished watching this “game” and I cannot fathom how either of these teams can believe they are comptetive in this league. I think the Regina Rams could go +20 against either one of them.
Will someone please tell Paup that he’s run the ball 6x on third and goal and not scored? How many times in his career has AC snuck the thing in? They might want to try that.
Then Damon comes in and gives them a little bump, but they go right back to the stuff that make him head waterboy in the beginning of the season.
THEN the official blows a play dead and throws his flag on a phantom interference call… The guy should be fired!
They should have paid us to watch this.
Hope the Blue’s stomachs aren’t too sore to play knowing that they will win every game against the east.
Now, where’s my medication?

oh, billy, billy, billy, we just better knock on wood that Glenn stays healthy or it might very well be us who doesn't win another game this season.

good point pig. but a major difference is we have a solid o-line and some strong backups. because i do enjoy the way the picard has played for kahn. and well i am waiting till the old fruit calvillo drops like a rock because of his weak o-line

First the Bombers have to win the division. Bombers have been 'chumps" for what four years now? Then they have to actualy make it to the big game. Because before they became chumps they were known as the "chockers".

You realize that your kicker is still Troy Westwood don't you?

Bold !!!! LOL!

I didn't say anything about playoffs, or beating anyone in the west, I'm just disgusted with the poor showing by the eastern teams, and don't go on about injuries, look at the Lions.

What's a "Chocker"? Is that like the "Shocker"?

Anyways, Bombers have got to be favorites to win the division right now, and that's even without a full team effort yet. Once this team gels and comes together I can see some big space in the standings from first to second. Playoffs? Who knows, the big thing is getting home field for the Division Final, and I would like our chances in that game.

Thats a good point..the team is doin really good and when they "gell" they will be an awesome team.. The playoffs know one can tell, cuz i can recall in 2001 where the Bombers were the team to beat and and were the favorite to win the grey cup, with an awesome 14-4 record..and they blew it in the grey cup against Calgary..BOO! but hopefully this year is winnipegs turn to win it!


Ummmm, last time I checked this was the Bomber forum, save your trash talk for the main forum, if ya got the wheels to back it up.