Als vs Ti-Cats on Angelo Mosca Night at THF

Dr. Phil: So Angelow, you're retird riight?

Angelo: Yeah

Dr. Phil: So can you tell us just whyyy you are stilll so angryyy?"

Angelo: The guy is an a-hole.

Dr. Phil: So how's that workin' out for ya'?

Wonder if this will bring Hamilton fans back down to Earth.

Yeah, right. :lol:

:lol: Karma is that way for sure. Avoid overconfidence, and never underestimate any opponent.

The Al's are bad--- for sure, and now I think Marsh should get the nod at starter after that performance.

Tempers have been hot all game too, and I have to wonder how many fines will be at hand this week.

Hats off to Angelo Mosca and the fans in Hamilton again though. :cowboy:

I have to learn more about this Box J in Hamilton too. Poor Duane and Rod had to chug merely milk because they had to work later, but I would like to hear how it's really done and what kind of food they have there in all those tailgaters. :smiley:

its a little bit ironic that no one on any cfl related forum has anything nice to say about rod black, yet the box J boys treated him like they were really fond of him.

/Raises hand slowly

I have an excuse. It was a long, effective day. My brain is barely connecting the dots after I have barely started into my first drink tonight.

Here's the short version for all that was accomplished today before I sat down late in the first quarter:

Took and passed tests for apprenticeship, sat through lecture, took and will pass drug test, new work next week, associated interview in early October for apprenticeship in November (maybe), power lunch at my favourite local burger place, on phone for an hour with mom who is on travel overseas, routine maintenance on my car

I was relaxing. I'll be on tomorrow. :thup:


The Lark pulled out its pliers and declawed that arrogant kitty cat! :rockin:

The Als out muscled the cats and won the battle of the trenches, right there in Timbits field!!!!!!!

Where's Bobo and his pals? :cowboy: [/i]

Of course, every week my quest for a perfect week goes out the window with the first game, and this one hurts the most...

Well RedandWhite, are you going to get on his case now?

As an Argos fan, I'm not sure how I feel about this game.

Good that the Cats lost and the Argos might be in first place in the east after tomorrow night?
Bad that the Als have won two games in a row on the road and moved back into the discussion in the east?


Wow even though I watched the game, I did not realize just how dominant that defence of Montreal was against the running game of Hamilton and then some. Add six sacks, a forced fumble, and an interception.

Hamilton’s leading rusher was Collaros with 12 yards on 3 attempts. :roll: I bet no one honest would have predicted that final stat before the game or even during the second half for that matter.

Meanwhile Hamilton’s defence allowed just enough runs to give Montreal that many more chances as otherwise Hamilton had a better passing game than did Montreal.

And Logan slightly outperformed Banks, so credit the special teams of Montreal too for keeping Banks in check.

...evidently you absolutely, totally and with great ignorance missed my point last week...and I'm not going to help you understand it...

Well I can't speak for you or other fans of the Argos, but I do know what I would do if it were my team in that situation.

I would gladly accept such a bad result for my rival team and then cheer like no tomorrow for my team to take the lead in the division.

Tonight was another example, as we see every season on multiple occasions, of how no team's fans should take any other team for granted.

So get on with it while your chief nemesis is suffering, for that opportunity and that feeling do not last forever.

[i]Evildoctor, Get on Johnny's case? Isn't it enough your owner bans people who post in the ticat forum? This is the main forum buddy boy. Get some thicker skin and crawl out of Johnny's wazoo.


What about? this is the CFL forum, not the Ticats forum.

All those arrogant Cats fans trash-talking before the game, calling our GM/HC names, promising a slaughter, getting upset because the Als had the gall to be confident heading into the game ... defeat never looked so good on ya. :rockin:

That isn't meant for guys like ExPat and Fender, who are class acts, but rather for the homer Cats fans who have triangulated the perfect position between whiny, entitled, arrogant, petty, and sophomoric. :lol:

Well said. Johnny's earlier comment was also not meant to frustrate the few ticats fans who are good dudes. Johnny called out Bobo specifically, cause Bobo is one of the few ticat fans with a sense of humour, who understands the difference between friendly ribbing and unfriendly taunting. Unfortunately he seems to be in the minority...

Yes, bobo is a stand-up guy too, for sure. His ribbing is in good fun and he knows how to take it as well as dish it out.

I'm a bit biased as I used to work with Rod back in the 'peg, but I really don't understand why so many here love to hate him...just don't get it.

I've had some fun with those Box J boys at some Cups....pretty nutty bunch but great fans....we need more of 'em. Nice job to honour Angelo...well done Hamilton.

I was quiet about this game all week because it had trap game written all over it to me. Having won so easily their other home games and winning so big in Edmonton last week and with their next two games being against the team they were tied for first with before tonight (Toronto). Montreal even though they won last week still were the basement dwellers in the East, seemingly in a bit of disarray with a coaching change this week. I think a bunch of Hamilton fans (and apparently too many players) were taking this one for granted.

Montreal were the better team all night long and absolutely deserved to win that game - as I also posted on the Ti-Cats board.

And I tend to agree with some people rubbing this one in the faces a bit of SOME Ti-Cats fans who post here and who had been dissappointingly (to me) arrogant sounding the last week or two. I’m cool with happy fans and even a little bit of good natured boasting - but I hate arrogance - and their was definitely some unfortunate arrogance coming from some of my fellow Ti-Cats fans in the last couple of weeks.