Als vs Ti-Cats on Angelo Mosca Night at THF

The Ti-Cats announced today that tomorrow nights game where they will retire the # 68 is another sellout.

They've also announced that there are less than 500 tickets left for the Labour Day game against the Argos and less that 1000 for their Sept. 19th rematch with the Esks.

Mike Filer has switched from # 68 to # 51

Everyone at the game will receive


Congrats to Mosca for a great CFL career and wrestling career. Still say it was a late hit though, on Willie Fleming in the '63 Grey Cup game. Joe Kapp has reason to still be angry!! :wink: :rockin:


Why should Kapp be angry, he won the rematch a couple years ago. :cowboy:

I have seen the hit over and over. No way was it late. Not dirty at all.
The only reason it was ever an issue was that Flemming was the CFL golden boy. Also Mosca was the CFL bad guy ( image only ).
BTW, why would Kapp not be charged with assault and battery.?

Punching a man with a bad hip, bad knees and walks with a cane. You do not do that.
Then gloated to the audience. Never showed any remorse.

Maybe the whole thing was staged and both had a good laugh about it. Looked real enough though

Dr. Phil said there was nothing wrong with the hit. :cowboy:

Of course, Kapp didn't appear on the show because he knew that he came off looking like a butthole through the whole thing.

Kapp rubbed the flower in his face then Mosca hit him with his cane. Assault? They're both guilty of that. No harm no foul.

Well "Crazy Joe" Kapp was there in spirit last night. This fan paid $4,200.00 for the privilege of blasting open the Kapp pinata with Angelo's cane. :smiley: :rockin: TAKE THAT JOE !!!!! BLAMMO !!!! :lol: :smiley: PURRR-FECT !!!

Flowers in the face compared to a punch in the face ? Not an even score in my book.

As for the tap with the cane. That would not have killed a fly.

In my world you do not beat up crippled people. But that is just me.

Anyway congrats to Angie. Good class guy . CFL legend.

As for Kapp, well at least he is proud of himself.

The funny thing is if this would've happened when both players were in their prime,no doubt about it Mosca would've KILLED Crazy Joe without even breaking a sweat. It would've been over with one swing of the cane and one punch by King Kong. Crazy Joe wouldn't have known what hit him. He would've woken up wanting to know if anyone got the license plate number of the truck that just hit him. :lol: :rockin: :lol: :rockin: :lol: :rockin:

No it definitely was NOT staged. Mosca swatted Kapp with his cane after Kapp unexpectedly shoved a flower in his face - THEN the punches began.

Anyway, a well-deserved honour for Mosca to have his number retired tonight - o nly the second Ticat to receive that honour.

Good football game so far in a 10-10 tie

Als came ready to play tonight. Take the 17-10 lead

Think Joe Kapp is in the house?

Real good game, intensity on the field and in the stadium.

End of the half crossed over into stupidity by both teams.

Last two plays before the FG probably had a dozen potential necessary roughness penalties between the two teams (mostly against <insert name of team you are not cheering for>) :lol:

Als offense is keeping the Ticat defense off balance and making it look pretty ordinary. Didn't expect that so soon after the coaching change

Als spreading the field horizontally, rather than trying to pound it between the tackles.

FG Hamilton after the tipped ball pick-off - 23-16 Montreal in an interesting game

Good game but few poster here tonight. :frowning:

Great game congrats to the Als, that's what you get cats for being so cocky about winning last week. Hahahaha