:als_red: Als vs :ticats: Ti-Cats game thread topic Aug 5, 2023

:als_red: vs :tigercats:

preview - Als, Ticats battle for position in the East Division - CFL.ca

tracker - 2023-08-05 Game Tracker - HAMILTON Tiger-Cats vs. MONTREAL Alouettes (6339) - CFL.ca

who will win
  • :als_red: Alouettes de Montréal
  • :tigercats: Hamilton Tiger-Cats
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Henoc Muamba on the TSN panel tonight. Interesting. Will see how he does.


2 turnovers in 2 posessions. Oof.

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It might just be that kind of game again involving either of these teams.

All smooth sailing on the high seas tonight ye matey! Arrrggh!

Montreal homers on TSN production staff tonight? They ran the replay of that tackle at least three times and with the full sound.

It is because the field mic caught someone yelling “boom!” It was a big hit. No ready claim there is a homer tag just yet.

Yes, but you missed the part about THREE replays of it with full sound. It was a solid hit, but it was not worthy of even two replays.

Yeah it was :smiley:

I saw all three. Perhaps Matthew S. was getting a cup of coffee or something?

We’ll see what TSN does the rest of the night. It’s just a data point for now.

Nice toss Tyler Powell! Picked up a 2nd down.

Alligator arms on Smith there

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Cool play on the punt, tho.
2 onside and excellent cover

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Yes. I do not know why teams do not do that more?

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I see Fajardo hasn’t solved his mechanics problem.


That is why Cody Fajardo is not top tier. Throws a dime to Mack and then the other throw way off the mark. Too inconsistent.

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He also locks onto recievers, telegraphing his throws. At least, that’s what I noticed a lot last year


Fajardo has thrown two prayers for interceptions already tonight and is not even in the good form of Ron Burgundy back in the day.

If you are going to flail on your throws like this, at least look good doing it with confidence and poise.

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He has a release point issue. When he gets nervous, balls sail high and long. He’s actually been pretty consistent with this

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Powel is looking good.