Going to be a good night (weather wise) for football in Edmonton. Can't remember when the last time the Als were at .500 (if a loss) for their season at any given point. Lets Go Eskimos - Get er done.


pre Trestman days.

it'll be a good one! I so wanted to go but I'm hanging out with a special someone :wink: instead.. so we are watching it on tv.

Im gonna miss of the rest of the season (deployed) hope it's a good one I'll be keeping tabs

Take care and best wishes.

...we'll hold the fort for ya mpdid...good luck :thup:

Stay safe!


Good luck, dude. :thup:

I'm gonna take a nap before the game because I'm sick as a dog. Hopefully I wake up in time for kickoff. Go Esks!

Be safe and Godspeed . :thup:

Not self induced is it?

Also the year that AC took a good chunk of the season off while his wife was beating cancer down like a rented mule (kudos to him for saying f football, this is my priority)?

This should be a great matchup. I think the Als will prevail. I am not sure which way this will go, but I do think 1 team will win by 2 scores.

Montreal needs 30 points minimum to have a shot at winning.

Shouldn't be to hard when you never get called for holding.

Calvillo/Whitaker; all over it for TD..11-1 Als ----Come on Eskies start trollin

It's like they didn't even show up Wake the hell up already!!! :x

Good run for Messam - Hope it continues >> thus 18-1 Montreal

No no. :lol:

I see we've become like Hamilton. Great one week, crap the next. I should've stayed asleep. :?

You might get sicker after watching this mess.

If the Esks don't put up a TD here, I may say screw it and go back to bed. I still feel like crap, and if Edmonton isn't gonna show up, what the hell's the point of watching. :roll:

3rd-and-two and they hand it off in the shotgun. Why even run the play? Just hand the ball back to Montreal. :roll: