ALS vs. CATS... TED WHITE ?!?!

:o Oh my, Ted White is strating at QB for the Als! :oops:

And everybody picked Montreal to win it! :smiley:

But most surprinsigly, at this point in time, Ted White is leading the Als to a 6-5 score near the end of the first half! :shock:

Oops! It's now 12-9 for Hamilton with 8 minutes remaining in the 4 quarter.

Good news is if Hamilton wins, my "VGCC Perfect Weeks" record will be safe, because these are the only people who picked Hamilton :twisted: :

  • Eskylo
  • Third_And_Ten
  • Turkeybend
  • Green’n’grey

YOU STILL HAVE A SHOT Third_And_Ten ! :smiley: !

Is Hamilton actually going to win the game? ;o

:o With 3 minutes remaining, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats now lead 15-9. :D

Hence, Ted White needs to engineer a touchdown drive ! ! :lol: :lol: :lol:

MONTREAL SCORES.... CANADIENS now lead the Buffalo Sabres 3-2 with 2:30 left in the third period!! :shock: :smiley:

And... a few minutes later...



did the als play tonight?

fair weather , fans :wink: :lol: :smiley:

So has Ted White improved from a yr ago???? LOL

I think it is ironic that Hamilton got wins against Edmonton, Montreal, and Toronto yet got beaten by the average teams like Saskatchewan and Calgary both games. I guess it is true, anyone can beat anyone on any given night.

Yes it is true but in this case, Ted White started

You guys don't like him much in Montreal eh? :smiley:

Do you know why there were 2 fumbles by Montreal recievers last night?
They were stunned that he managed to get the ball to them. How many open recievers did he miss by 10 yards last night?
He went 12-32 for 137 yards, totally useless. I dont know what the Don sees in him..

ted white sucks...he couldnt score 1 TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im sure that loss, to hamilton, will help encourage montreal fans to buy the remaining 30 000 playoff tickets at the BIG O.....rrrrrgggggg

My 2 cents on this, after watching the game on TSN, White is not CFL QB material....

The Al's will probably cut him next year at Training camp, since he hasn't prouve anything in 60 minutes of play, he didn't ''rose to the occasion''.....

I'm a bit stunned that the Al's havent tried Ell Robertson, in the 4th least AC rested, and will be in great shape vs SASK next week.

If Calvillo had started, and got driven into the ground by Cheatwood, and broken his ankle, the Als would have to start White next week and wouldn't stand a chance. Then everyone would be complaining that Matthews started A.C. in a meaningless game that ended up costing them a playoff game. Remember last year?

Who would you rather beat: Hamilton yesterday, or Saskatchewan next week?

And what would you rather have in the playoffs: a win, or an excuse for losing?

What Matthews did may not have been popular, but it was smart. That's why he's the Don and we're all just fans. (And I don't even like the guy.)

It's not good that the Al's are going into the POs with a lose, but they can still beat Sask, no problem.

On a lighter note, I listened to some of the game in FRENCH in the radio station. Couldn't understand what was going on, but it was cool.

Man, you got it right on the nail, this week I told guys in another opost to not even dress AC for the Hamilton Game, and play with White & Roberson...I'd rather see AC healthy for the next 3 weeks :wink:, than being hurt yesterday, and have no chance vs SASK.

Good Call on the coaching staff yesterday, and I wont complain ! Argos did the same last year vs Al's (last home game)...everyone complained, but look where it brought them...

It really kept us nervous, and the lead never seemed safe, even with White getting nothing done.

Second half I figured, Calvillo will play quarters 3 and 4, and we're dead. White stayed in.

Fourth quarter I though, hello AC, goodbye game. White stayed in.

Even with only two minutes left and the Cats up by six, I thought Matthews would put his number one guy in now to engineer the game-winning drive. Nope.

As a Ticat fan I'm glad he did what he did. As I'll be (reluctantly) cheering for the Als next week, I'm glad AC will be healthy.

You bet I still have a shot dude, cause I also picked Ottawa to beat Toronto and it's a done deal now. I'm 2-0. If the season ended now, I'd be in ! But hey, still two games to go and I could drop back one spot away from playoffs.

Concerning last game, I was glad Hamilton won for three reasons:

  1. I can't cheer for my own team when Ted White is the QB. I want him to fail like he did last night so management eventually gets forced to admit he's not worth his own weight in diarrhea.

  2. Teams out of the playoffs should always win their last game to end on a positive note. Glad both Hamilton and Ottawa did it. Too bad for WInnipeg.

  3. The Ticats win kept me in playoffs contention in the VGCC.

well, becasue of his weight, he is good for QB draws... :twisted: