Als vs Bombers

Tuning in now to watch the Alouettes live scrimmage practice, er, I mean game, against the Bombers

Any thoughts?

I think the Peg might just show up and keep it close for a half, but they don't have the talent to run with the big boys from Montreal.

Montreal 38
Winnipeg 24

Suitor keeps talking about whether AC can take the big hit. He's more likely to injure his sternum throwing rather than from blunt force. That hit resulted from Odell Willis squishing AC on top of the ball. I wish GS would stick to what he knows (whatever that is) or at least let Dr. Schultz give Glenn a lobotomy with an ice pick.

is there any way at all both these teams can lose :expressionless:

Yes. Calvillo could be out for the season and the Bombers could fall behind Bc.

Is it just me, or does the entire Als offense look gun-shy (dropping balls jittery when things get physical)?!?

Geez. Where the hell is everyone? We got a 33-31 barn burner, and the topic only has 4 posts. :lol: I was at an OHL game. What's your excuse? :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm lost with out you Chief. :cowboy:

Seems the whole damn forum is! :o

Go Als! I'd like to start this week off on a good note, unlike last week when I started 0-2. :?

Cripes! 40-31. I guess defence is optional in this game. :expressionless:

I was introducing a buddy in Greece to the game via IM (he was watching an online stream)

^^ Nice!

They just showed the all-time catches list. How is Stegall not up there? Doesn't he have the most yards and TDs for a receiver?

In other catagories perhaps.

PICK! :smiley:

Good. We'll see what Montreal does with the ball.

Gutsy pass by to see that kind of stuff. Too bad about the pick

Montreal D has to step it up now.

Frickin Montreal getting greedy... :roll:

Defending Grey Cup champs need to drive for the major. Go Als

Wow. I don't think buddy in the stands liked the call. He was throwing out all kinds of F bombs. :lol: over