Als vs Bombers gameday thread

Bishop and the Bombers off to a nice start.

wow...and winnipeg fans were predicting a much for that :roll:

Followed by a huge tumble, flop, rolling for a few more yards and crashing and burning :cry:

True enough. I was merely trying to make myself believe. :smiley:

bishop is bishop, as usual. can't muster up any points.

Might as well toss in LeFros to add to the circus show :slight_smile:

Kelly… get Printers on speed dial he SERIOUSLY could not do any worse!!

Looks like a fumble to me.

Looks like a loss to me

Sure, if you want to look at the big picture. :smiley:

Well, at least we aren't getting shut out like TO did from them...then again, they put up a great game yesterday against BC.

LMAO.. good one

:lol: :lol:

I was kind of half watching the first half while I was at my brother's place, and one thing I noticed was weak tackling by Winnipeg. When AC completed a pass to Watkins that he ran in for a TD... Are you telling me no Bombers could get him down? Then again when Montreal picked off Bishop, I saw a bunch of Winnipeg players just standing around and reaching out.

The team seems like they have a little more life in the second half, but if they keep settling for FGs, they'll be done.

At least Reid is getting his jabs and pokes in.

He better hope he has a good game after what he said about Montreal’s defence. So far, he hasn’t done much. Looks like he had that one good run, and that’s it.

On another matter, I’m not sure I agree with that face mask penalty (which Murray Clarke called unnecessary roughness for some reason). I thought you had to actually grab or pull on the face mask for it to be a penalty. It looked like #7’s hand was in the Montreal player’s face, but it didn’t look like he actually grabbed the face mask.

Oh, and that run by McPherson was awesome! :smiley:

Yeah, his hand was nearly flat when it was in the guys face. Oh well, wouldn't exactly have mattered.

The bumbling Blue bombers are feeling blue after that bomb... :roll:

The face masking did look to be an overzealous flag.

I really can't understand leaving Calvillo in the game.
This game hasn't been in doubt for quite awhile.

Since the coin toss to be exact!

They're definitely in the mood to outright steamroll us tonight. Why? Reid had to go and open his big mouth :roll: