Als vs BC

People forget something. As bookends, Stewart and Bowman were nothing until Keron Williams showed up in 2008. Now that Williams is gone, they look pretty damn ordinary.

Next season, Jim Popp's main priority is to find game-breakers along the defensive line.

Also, get rid of Paul Lambert. Useless, slow, old, overpaid sack of crap who can't provide Calvillo with any kind of consistent pass protection up the middle.

We have a problem in the interior of the line and its amplified down the middle by Emry who's having a really slow start and Boulay who's a good athlete but is being burned out., Opponents are going to keep going down the seams till they fix this.

Worried ? Not yet. There are issues and we will have to see if Trestman is willing to make some tough decisions... That will be new territory for him.

Did u guys know this game is live from Jean Mance Park and is featuring the Pee Wee Sun Youth Hornets? Droping passes like that is ridiculous. If Carter and Bratton ever asked themselves why there playing in the CFL and not the NFL well they have there answer.

Ps: Were getting beat by a handicaped QB

Holly Shiat Muffin ! He made one ! :rockin:

Not just the interior and Emry that are issues. What the hell has happened to our DBs? Why can no one make a damn play anymore? What happened to tight coverage and contesting catches? Durant, Ray, Printers – everybody is just lacing into our secondary at will.

And what about this pathetic excuse for an offense? Two field goals, a single, and a safety after three quarters of play against a team with a bunch of rookies on defense.


Apart from Cahoon and Green, the receiving corps is just bollocks tonight. Richardson, Bratton, Carter, and Watkins have all dropped catchable passes, most in situations where we could have converted for first downs.

Trestman needs to stop acting like a robot with a stick up his ass and start swinging the hammer on underachieving players. He also has to abandon his bullsh*t philosophy of pass-first and run Avon down teams’ throats.

This just in!!! Duval is opening a hockey school. Gonna teach the boys how to snipe the top corner goals off the post!! PATHETIC!!! 12 YARDS AND U GOTTA HIT THE POST!

Well, never have I felt less pleased with a win than tonight. Yes, it's great to break the B.C. curse. Yes, the defense finally manned up in the fourth quarter and started making plays on the ball instead of laying back like bitches. Yes, we won despite the refs doing their best to pull another BC screwjob (bullcrap PI call on Dix, the unnecessary yard measurement that somehow got Buono a timeout when he had no actual timeouts remaining).

But this offense is in the toilet and needs an overhaul. If I see that stupid quick look-in to Richardson or Bratton on second and medium one more time, I'll vomit. It never works but we keep going back to it. Yet, as soon as we run the ball and test BC deep, we have success. Hmmmmmm.

Calvillo didn't have a great day, but he was great audibling in the pocket when he had to. The spectacular Green catch was a direct result of Calvillo changing the play at the line and resetting the snap count to throw BC's defense off. That's field generalship right there.

What really grinds my gears is Duval yammering in the postgame with a smile on his face, as if his shenanigans didn't almost cost his team the game. After one of his misses in-game, the mics caught him saying "it's all good" to someone on the sidelines. No, Damon, it is not all good that you missed makeable 40-yard field goals and needed the ball to hit the post and go through the uprights on a 20-yard attempt. You have been declining since the stretch run of last season and your play in and since the Grey Cup has been nothing short of awful. You get paid a lot of money as an import to play a position which is frequently filled by a Canadian. Your performance is flat-out unacceptable. Instead of grinning and saying it's all good, you should be the first at practice and the last to leave until you get yourself straightened out.

This was an underserved win. BC played the game without several regulars. Printers was immobile-unable to run and BC kept giving our offense yard after yard through penalties yet, we were unable to score a touchdown. If Printers were fit BC would likely have gotten the win. Offensively the team looked tired and old and Duval keeps missing field goals and shanking punts. Colbourne was the best member of the offensive team but was not given the ball often enough.Still Colbourne was the nights best receiver, blocker and runner. I would rank him as the elite Alouette player in tonight's offense. The team came out in the first quarter with pass, pass and pass. It was noted by one member of TSN that the other teams in the league have now learned how to stop the Als offense.

Most around here know my long-standing displeasure with our fetish for not running the ball at all in our opening few possessions and the first quarter in general. It yields us no results and makes it dead easy for teams to tee off on Calvillo in the passing game.

I am unable to fathom how otherwise smart football minds like Trestman and Milanovich have such a weird blind spot when it comes to the run.

It was noted by one member of TSN that the other teams in the league have now learned how to stop the Als offense.
Sure. Take away the short passing game and blitz Calvillo like crazy because we rarely go deep and don't run enough to make the pass rush back off. The book is out, though someone forgot to tell Marc Trestman.

If Calvillo keeps getting pounded like this, he won't finish the season without injury.

Ben si on les massacre quand ils gagnent, qu'est-ce que ça va être quand ils vont perdre?

Sérieusement, ça faisait pitié à voir.

C'est là qu'on mesure l'amplitude de la perte de Brian Chiu.

Duval continue son travail de la Coupe Grey semaine après semaine. Sauf que les équipes adverses savent compter.

Je ne serais pas si dur avec la défensive concernant la parite contre BC. Ils ont limité les Lions à 12 points et les ont empêché d'accéder à la zone payante. C'est vrai que c'était souvent pas très beau à voir, mais il y a quand même des progrès qui se sont faits.

L'an dernier, les Roughriders ont connu un départ cahotique et ont fini en force. C'est peut-être au tour des Alouettes.

Lambert s'en arrache cette année. Il n'est pas capable de faire les signales à la ligne, non plus de faire des bloques necéssaires pour contenir le defensif à l'intérieur. Combien de fois les Lions ont eux un joueur du defensif qui s'en rendu libre à Calvillo sans aucun bloques?

Je les ai pas compté, mais il y en a eu beaucoup. Trop, en fait.

Le prochain test va être déterminant. Les Tiger Cats ont un trio impressionnant de secondeurs de ligne avec Floyd, Knowlton et Johnson. C'est là qu'on va voir si Lambert s'améliore ou s'il fait du sur place. Mais ça ne semble vraiment pas être une position naturelle pour lui, mais je ne vois pas qui serait vraiment mieux que lui dans l'équipe. C'est beau se débarrasser d'un gars, mais il faut pas changer pour pire.

La retraite de Chiu a sans doute surpris les Alouettes. Alors je ne pense pas qu'on peut fair grand chose cette année.

Je pense pas, j'aid entendu Jim dire en entrevue qu'il ne avait ete surpris qu'il fasse le club ou qu'il revienne en 2009. Puis Lambert a annonce sa retraite quand Jim a revise son salaire a la baisse, les Als on appele le bluff et Lambert s'est presente au camp (2009). Je comprend vraiment pas pourquoi on investit cette saison avec Lambert un centre qui a 35 ans quand on est en train d'ecourer nos jeunes joueurs de ligne... Tant qu'a developer un Centre on devrait peut etre investir dans un jeune. La on se retrouve avec Woodruff, Steenbergen, Bomben, Matte. Ca pourra pas continuer longtemps...

D'accord. Ça m'étonne qu'un joueur de 35 ans, à la fin de sa carrière, est devenu notre centre quand on a Woodruff, Steenbergen, et les autres. L'année prochaine, je ne veut pas voir Lambert au centre.

Pas sûr que Lambert lui-même voulait se voir au centre. En pro qu'il est, il a assumé la fonction, mais je le sens plus à l'aise un peu plus à gauche. L'an dernier, Luc Brodeur-Jourdain était listé comme joueur de centre dans l'alignement. A-t-il déjà joué cette position?

Ça serait peut-être une bonne idée d'insérer un de nos jeunes de temps en temps dans la partie, histoire qu'ils commencent à se faire les dents. Parfois, sur la fin d'une séquence, avoir des forces fraîches sur le terrain permet d'ouvrir des trous contre une lignée défensive fatiguée. Un peu comme quand on a utilisé Green au 4ième quart à la Coupe Grey de 2009. C'est un pari, mais il peut devenir gagnant à la longue.