Als vs BC

Looking at the lineup for tonights game there are some interesting changes. The rookie Matte is listed behind Bourke. Matte was a recent signing- he must be very good to be inserted so quickly into the lineup. We have excellent depth at offensive line as Steenburger, Woodruf and Matte will all be active. In addition O Santiago will be active behind Cahoon. Cahoon has had some drops lately and It would be interesting to look at Santiago as both a blocker and receiver. Kevon Challenger is listed as non active- Would he or Desriveaux look to be replacing Cahoon next year? I would also believe that, after last weeks game Boulay will be listed as safety for the rest of the season. Finally, what ever happened to Andrew Hawkins. He is not listed in the lineup even with the practice squad?

This is more than odd but Matte is a Tackle while our other guys are guards. I'm thinking the Als are trying to dress an extra import on the defense. Could also be that Jim has or is in the process of trading one of our young olinesmen. I hope we are not giving away Steenbergen or Woodruff to the Stamps :x

I am not a big Jourdain or Lambert fan to begin with.

The Depth Chart lists 46 players, with 4 having to come off for the game. Matte, Santiago, Samuels, and Steenbergen wont dress, dont even think theyre in B.C. The only lineup change will be Brouillette for Proulx. Hawkins is listed on the PDF roster as Disabled (doesnt count against salary cap.) I`m guessing he should be ready to return to the lineup shortly.
If the Als should trade an excess lineman to Calg., would love to see Mike Labinjo come this way.

Not me. Showed up 30 to 50 pounds overweight to camp last year and cost them the game against the Argos this week with his penalty. He was awful last season and looks worse this year.

Giving a 23 year old NI tackle for that is something a Taman or Machiocia would do, sure way to work your way to the bottom of the standings.

I agree Labinjo had a terrible 2009, has been in Hufnagels doghouse this year after a poor 2nd game against Ham., and took that penalty on the Tor. fake punt, although Hufnagel said it was a borderline call. All this would make him available, and the Als have lacked a non-import stud on the d-line since Belli left and Kashama never panned out. I guess Im still obsessed with the Labinjo of the 2008 Grey Cup who was on A.C. all game.

Unfortunately I think that Labinjo is gone. Players on that side of the ball seldom get their mojo back.

Concernant Lobinjo, je ne suis pas très chaud à l'idée de le faire venir à Montréal pour un jeune. C'est plus facile de montrer quelque chose à un jeune qui a montré de belles qualités qu'à un vétéran qui n'est plus dans le coup. Lobinjo n'est pas toujours très discipliné et si Hufnagel a pogné les nerfs après lui, c'est qu'il doit y avoir quelque chose d'autre dans son attitude qui cloche. Un peu de désinvolture, peut-être? Peut-être contribue-t-il à une atmosphère contre-productive dans le vestiaire? Aucune idée, mais ce n'est pas normal qu'un entraîneur fustige un joueur dansles média après 2 parties seulement.

Forget Labinjo. I'm with Hfx. Conditioning issues, discipline issues, and he's already 30. To me he's a flash in the pan who peaked in 2008. No way do I want to trade away quality NI O-line talent for a washed-up 'maybe'.

It doesn't matter to me whether it's an import or a non-import filling that position at defensive tackle. What matters is getting the right guy for the job.

Would be pretty sad to trade one of our young guns and then 3 months Ihekwoaba shows up which I think is likely. Jim does not trade unless he can pickup draft picks and we already have Saskatchewan's second rounder and Toronto's fourth rounder for the next draft that's 8 picks.

Duval plz sign ur own "cut guy" papers and kindly go away!!!! I hear Medlock is available.

50 percent kicker with a net punt average of 34 yards :roll:

It's like Duval can't get passed that Grey cup game, he looks like a golfer that suddenly picks up a bad slice and can't get rid of it...

Missed field goal #2! My wife is watching the game for the 1st time. She says ohhhh so close hit the post!! Im like honey this aint hockey!! The ball has go to go between the pipes!

Make that our .33 kicker

Team is garbage this year. Absolutely #%)#!%#! garbage. Secondary can't cover, D-line can't pressure the QB, our blitzes are %#R*)!%!*# pathetic, and our D unit as a whole is so goddamn retarded that we can't smell a screen play coming even when two linemen mysteriously come free to the QB. Bowman, Stewart, McElveen, Wilson -- drop them in the trash. I've had enough. Bowman cannot win a single one-on-one battle, Wilson has no speed, Stewart is too old, and McElveen is a nonentity on most plays.

Our offense is bullcrap. We've had success running the ball in the half but what do we do? More of our crappy dink-and-dunk plays which in 2010 are fooling no one. Richardson is playing like garbage. Watkins can't catch a pass. Calvillo is short-hopping his throws and not going through his reads properly. Lambert is horrible. And Trestman stands there like a pylon on the sidelines calling the same ineffective, boring, conservative plays over and over again.

On top of that, our kicker is messing the bed with any kick of 35 yards or greater.

If we are a .500 club this season, I will be very surprised.

This will be a good year for the team, shake them out of their complacency, and remind them that nobody is going to roll over and give them any damn thing because they're the Alouettes.

I am beyond disappointed with how this team is playing. It's not so much that we're losing but how we're losing. We're just horrendous in all three phases of the game and no one is playing with any kind of spark. The coaches are out to lunch and no one has any clue how to fix anything.

Please explain to me how B.C., with Keron Williams and Anton McKenzie out of the lineup and multiple rookies in their defense, can somehow pressure / sack Calvillo more than we can pressure / sack Printers? It's pathetic.

We actually had success running the ball this half, but do the coaches stick with it? Hell no! Why bring balance to your game when you can stall in the red zone and give your placekicker a chance to miss makeable field goals?

The arrogance of Trestman just astonishes me. Does he truly think that we can be a winning football team without an established running game? It wasn't the case last year when we were winning and it sure as hell isn't the case this year. This refusal to pound the ball against a defense missing a star d-lineman and one of its starting linebackers is not only wrong-headed, at this point it's moronic.

What's sad? This game is winnable if our coaches get their heads out of their asses and the offense actually plays like it's interested in scoring majors.

Not the team's best game but I like that they are trying to balance the offense and they kept the Lions to less than 100 yards. Duval is killing this team and they will be forced to addres it or it will cost them their season. The east division is too good this year to ignore the problems Duval is carrying over from last year.

So it doesn't worry you that our d-line can't pressure anybody? It's the third game now and I'm seeing the same thing tonight as I saw the past two weeks: the opposing QB with all day to throw and clear throwing lanes to open receivers who have beaten their DBs cleanly in coverage. Were it not for a few drops by Lions receivers, the score would be even more in BC's favor.

As a four-man unit, we can't even get close to the QB. So we have to blitz. But our blitzes rarely get there in time, leaving our DBs on islands against receivers who benefit from an extra second to run those intermediate and deep patterns and burn us for substantial gains.

Yes, Duval is costing us, but even if he were kicking better, the team overall is a mess from top to bottom. A leaky defense can be overcome if the offense is efficient; conversely, a productive offense can compensate for defensive shortcomings. But if your defense can't pressure the QB and your offense can't score TDs ... you are going to lose. Badly. They keep playing like this and it's only a matter of time before the wheels come off and we start getting blown out.