Als vs BC vs MATH!

I love math and in football numbers are everywhere. So I thought I'd look at the stats of each team to see who would be likely to win and HOW!

BC leads the league in TDs by the Pass with 49. Mtl 37 =32% more
Mtl leads the league in TDs by the Rush with 17. BC 13 =30% more
BUT on the defense:
BC allowed 21 and Mtl 22 TDs by the pass.
Mtl allowed 13 and BC 14 TD's by the rush.
So in terms of TD's, the teams looked matched.

BC averages 292yds by the pass per game vs Mtl D that allows 256yds = 36yds
Mtl averages 270yds by the pass per game vs BC D that allows 240yds = 30yds
Seems pretty even still!

BC averages 100yds by the rush per game vs Mtl D that allows 109yds = 9yds
Mtl averages 98yds by the rush per game vs BC D that allows 90yds= -8yds!
Hmm seems we don't have that much of an advantage with our rushing attack!

BUT here's were the truth comes out.
BC leads the league in:
Most sacks with 59 vs Mtl 39
Most Interception with 36 vs 21
Fewest Fumbles with 14 vs 27.
Fewest Int trown with 15 vs 20
2nd least penalized team with 185 penalties vs Mtl which is the MOST with 224.

The math seems to indicate it's going to be a close played games but we're going to lose because of turnovers and big plays!

I guess it's fitting, seeing aa we're playing the king of the jungle, the Lions versus us little Alouettes We'll have to surprise them to win!


But quite gladly, this is the CFL, where nothing stands as it should be !

Here's another equation for ya:

Times Montreal has beaten BC in the Grey Cup: ZERO!!!!

Times BC has beaten Montreal in the Grey Cup (which i was at in Calgary): 1

BC wins 2006 grey cup, woop woop. Go home Al's thanks for losing to us!

My gloating Lion supporter friend forgets something called odds. Montreal is due to win one. I'm just hoping its next year.

Anyways, I'm not here to troll, (I respect a lot of you Al's posters) just to wish you guys the best of luck in the Grey Cup, and may the best team, or best prepared team win on Sunday.

Looking at statistics, western teams might be underrated while eastern teams are overrated because of stronger west division. For example, BC might have a better defense than Toronto because Toronto faces more weak offenses in the east.