Als VS Argos

Thanks for a good game that could have gone either way, and for making the east even more of a dog fight

Good game for the Al's.

Your guys did a nice job beating TO.

I have to say though, what the hell was up with that cheap shot on Duval? The Argos (and their fans) should be hanging their heads in shame. I was actually quite unhappy that Duval got ejected, he didn't start the fight, he was just defending himself.

Guys get hit in the back all the time, maby it was a bit late, but you don't throw punches for something like that

[quote="Argos_fever"]Guys get hit in the back all the time, maby it was a bit late, but you donConsidering that the Argo threw the first punch...

Duval was asked about it and he said it was happening on each kickoff and after that last one he had enough and fought back. It is really frustrating getting hit over and over in the back. Especially for the kicker he is hardly a threat to tackle anyone and it was away from the play after the ball was dead

It was ignorant on the part of the Argo, and defending it is ignorant as well.

I cant help but wonder if it was not a deliberate attempt to get Duval out of the game. There was a good chance that it would have come down to the kickers and without Duval the Als would have lost.

I'm not accusing, only wondering

I dont remember Duval throwing any punches.

Duval didn't. The Argo player threw the punches, and the Argo player threw Duval onto the ground. Duval was only protecting himself as best he could.

I like Pinball, but I hate the Argos. The whole arrogance from Toronto just pisses me off.


Well that shows how much of a dirty players are some of the Argos... :evil:

What made me laugh about the argos was when late in the 4th quarter the Als gambling on 3rd down, The were doing their victory dance and signaling Argo first down claiming they held the them. After the measurement showed that the Als had the first down by inches the Argos started to argue the placement of the ball.

What a class act.

Its a contact sport and cheap shots are a part of it. The Don needs to sit Duval down and give him the what for. That was a selfish play on his part and could have really hurt his team.

Like ree said The Argo threw the punches and threw Duval to the ground.
He was protecting himself was hwgill---i didnt watch the game...
but i do know that the Argos can be dirty players...i mean i watched the last dying seconds of the game argos vs bc...and i was just :roll: ... not surprise...who wouldnt be?

I dont know about that, not how I would have described it, Duval looked like a willing participant, but that wasnt my point, you cant afford to lose your kicker in a close game, he should have avoided the situation period.

but it it had been happening all night I can understand it as well

Told ya Argos are a dirty team.

From a practical, team-oriented standpoint, Duval shouldn't have retaliated. He's way more important to us than Crumb, a special-teams drone, is to Toronto. We're lucky that it didn't come back to haunt us in the game.

On the other hand, Duval was getting hit all night long without drawing any roughing-the-kicker penalties. Officiating, please? Kickers are just as important to a team as quarterbacks, and should be protected in the same way.

You know, I like Pinball, but I'm starting to wonder about the character of that Argos team. They seem to go out of their way to deliver questionable hits on the marquee players of other teams. I'm thinking of guys like Mike O'Shea and Eric England. Every time England tackles Calvillo, it looks like he's trying to injure. For shame, Argos.