Als v. Argos

okay the offence sure looks to be out of the funk it's been in the past two games.

Now, can the defence please get a stop ?

So, we can't stop a Argo's offence....I think i'll put my Eskimos tickets up for sale, what's the point of going........

Als defense so far after two series, is letting Toronto cross the field. No pressure on the QB. :roll:

Looks like the offense will have to put up 40 points if we want to win.

TD Toronto. Despite controlling the clock, and the offense firing on all cylinders, the game is tied. The defense sucks, plain and simple...

Two kickoff returns, Maypray is held within the 30 yard line. Owens gets a big return on his very first kick return. Special teams suck, plain and simple...

Finally, some defence.. . thanks Dix and Bowman.

Now keep it up gang

Gotta keep it going AC
The team isn't comfortable with AC going downfield...methinks
Too many misses last two weeks

And Sean Whyte stinks on punts!!!

Yes, special teams aren't special, yet again. Decent downfield coverage in the main, but Maypray isn't doing much, as usual, and yes, Whyte's punting leaves a lot to be desired.

A few good individual plays on D, but as a unit our D isn't very effective. Much the same personnel as last year, so I guess replacing Burke with Tibesar hasn't worked to our advantage.

Without blitzing...the Alouettes are getting zero pressure on Lemon
If we were playing Ray...or Burris etc...we're losing

Maypray gets to the 30 yd line max
Owens gets to the 45 yd line min


Atta boy, Brandon!

I dunno what Ferri told Lemon, but all I have to say is Lemon should kiss Ferri's feet for not rocking the crap out of him. Ferri held up a bit before sacking him, if he wanted to be dirty he could of rocked him to Sarnia!!!!!!!!

Cox has been lucky twice not getting called for holding.

Why why why why just not let Brandon finish what he started!!!!!!!!!!!! Why throw to a receiver that catches 3 balls a year....some of this play calling is fricking annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Owens reminds of Cahoon, everyone wants to take off his head!

you gotta like Kitwana at defensive end
He's been pretty good

Much better D in that quarter. . . and yes, Kitwana's played well. .. also Dix's best game since returning; sure has blanketed Owens all game. . . and legally too.

Well, that's more like it. Black Flag, guys; we need another score or two. Let's go!!!

The D-Line may be under-achieving
But our blitzing seems well timed and pretty successful
Nice to see a QB hurried for a change

I agree that Kitwana was a force tonight. That said, I hate our defense. We're pathetic. We may not be the worst in the league, but we're not far off from the bottom.

We can't pressure the QB.
We can't stop a crap QB like Lemon.
We play cover zero in the red zone for no particular reason.
We can't get two-and-outs when we need them.
We can't win unless the offense scores 30+ points and controls time of possession.

Just ONCE, I would like to see a dominant defensive performance in a game we win even when the offense is struggling.

Estelle had a second straight subpar game. He was playing 10 yards off Brandon frickin Rideau as if Rideau were Geroy Simon in his physical prime.

Our d-line:

Bowman 0 sacks, 0 tackles
Wilson 0 sacks, 0 tackles
McElveen 0 sacks, 2 tackles
Stewart 0 sacks, 2 tackles
Jones 0 sacks, 3 tackles

That's pathetic.

How does Wilson play games like this when he does NOTHING on the stat sheet and still keep his job? Toronto averaged 6.2 yards per carry on the ground against us. When they ran, we couldn't stop them.

Those of you who are concerned about us being too one-dimensional:

We rushed the ball 25 times (19 for Whitaker, 5 for Diedrick, 1 for Watkins)

Receiver yardage:

Green: 7/96
Bratton: 5/63
Richardson: 4/56
London: 4/46
Carter: 4/40
Whitaker: 5/32
Watkins: 1/16

Pretty balanced to me. :slight_smile: