Als Training Camp Pics

And just for kicks, click the link for a video

[url=] ... o.mp4.html[/url]

[i]Nice pics Ro! It's a challenge to photograph football and frame things on the fly, and not cut off a player's feet ay :smiley: ?

It looks like you have done a cross processing sort of effect in post processing. Nice touch! :thup: [/i]

Nice pics Ro ! It’s a shame though that they’re of the Alouettes, couldn’t ya find a pro team to take pics of ? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though the pics look great , you did a nice job :thup: I’m going to guess here that photography is your professional line of work or if not a definite passion and hobby for you ?

I decided to take pics of a team that has won the Grey Cup this century! :wink:

I used to do some Professional Photogaphy(Sideline)...Not so much now
Still do alot of shooting as a hobby

Very nice photos!

Is that Stafford arguing with AC? :smiley:

Yup its Stafford

Nobody clicked the link to the video?

The photos are fantastic RO . The video is a little too fast .

Is it suppose to be that way ?

It`s Popp wanting a faster paced training camp!

Its a time lapse...
Its one photo every 4 seconds(Around 1500 total) merged into a video

Great video...unique


Nice pictures too.