Als training camp 2019

Johnny thought he would start a thread about the current training camp news and info.

Is Sherman in camp yet?

There are 92 players in camp-as per yesterday’s roster- consisting of 50 Int. players and 42 Nat. The veterans are at 51 while there are 41 rookies. I could be wrong,but I do think that it’s quite sometime since there have been so many rookies in camp.

Amongst the veterans,the highest numbers are offensive linemen at 10 and defensive backs at 9.

Amongst the rookies,the highest numbers are wide receivers at 10 and defensive backs at 9. There are only 4 Int. veteran receivers. -B.J. Cunningham,TJ Graham,Eugene Lewis and DeVier Posey-

With the information on new collective agreement teams will need to have 3 veteran players with 3 year experience with their teams or 4 years with CFL teams amongst the 17 starters. Presently,I count only 5 players on Als roster that qualify; they are: John Bowman,B.J. Cunningham, Gabriel Knapton -all 3 years or more with Als- and Jeremiah Johnson and Tony Washington with more than 4 years with CFL teams. A player such as Stefan Logan would not qualify,since he is not a starter. I am not a fan of this “rule” since you may have to start a veteran,although he would have been “beaten” by a rookie. The fact that there is not a QB on present roster that qualifies-although Jeff Matthews would- does not help. All QB’s of other teams have more than 3 or 4 years experience.


Selon Didier Orméjuste, Mike Sherman est présent.

Didier Orméjuste???
3 hil y a 3 heures
Après avoir raté le camp d’entraînement des recrues en raison d’une opération, Mike Sherman est à l’entraînement aujourd’hui.

After missing the rookie camp due to having surgery, Mike Sherman is at practice today. #Alouettes @LCFca @CFL

Attended the practice today with about 75 other masochists. No depth chart was given out so these are my observations mainly from memory and checking the roster on my smart phone.

  • Sherman did arrive about an hour into practice.

  • It was mainly drills, just a bit of scrimmaging so no real chance for anyone to stand out.

  • It looked like Jeff Mathews got the most QB reps after Pipkin.

  • O-line was mainly LT Washington, LG Matte, C Wilson, RG Rutherford. At start of practice Johnstone and Jamieson alternated at RT, but later it was mainly Rogers.

  • Adekolu was the National receiver. Jake Wieneke saw alot of time with the 1st group of receivers.

  • Knapton and Bo Banner were the starting DEs. Bowman was absent due to his union duties.

  • Patrick Levels was the SAM LB.

  • The starting DBs across the field - Campbell, Marcus Cromartie, Loffler, Jamarcus King, Ryan Carter.

  • The returners were Logan, TJ Graham, Zac Parker, Greg Reid, and a No. 70 (Quan Bray?)

  • I asked Joey Alfieri if he could find out why Julien-Grant hasnt been signed. He said he didnt think it was anything serious but would look into it. But then I had a chance to ask Kavis himself as he passed my on the way up to the press box. He said it would be looked after by the end of the week.

Yeah I know, so many other things I could have asked him or told him! I guess I choked. :slight_smile:

  • Not a big crowd, but quite a few reporters - Alfieri, Didier, Bujold, even mainly hockey columnist Marc De Foy.

  • One fashion note. Im learning to really like the new logo, even bought a ballcap for my bad hair days. But I really dont like the logo on the top of the helmets. It should be put on the side.

The Buzz and coverage is amazing.


« Pour Pipkin, je m'attends à ce qu'il joue dans les limites de son talent, ne pas tenter d'en faire trop.
Aye ! Ca c'est un grand motivateur !
Manziel a quitté pour l'AFL, qui a fait faillite depuis. Sherman s'attend à ce que son ex-protégé reçoive des offres de la XFL. «Ils seraient fous de ne pas se tourner vers lui», a-t-il dit, semblant peu enclin à commenter la situation.
Calisser ca dehor!

Ca se parles tu c’est deux la ?

Sherman:«Nos quarts se sont présentés ici prêts et ont démontré de belles choses (lundi), a déclaré Sherman. [...] En attaque, le langage est similaire à l'an dernier. Nous avons bien ajouté quelques trucs, mais dans l'ensemble, c'est la même chose.
Reed:Nous choisissons d'y aller pour un groupe plus jeune, afin de faire les choses différemment à l'attaque.»

It is a possible issue … but I can understand the desire to promote greater roster stability … it was likely also a “give” against the rate of increase in the minimum being more than that of the cap and the impact that will have on veteran salaries … should perhaps not trigger until next season so teams have an offseason to plan to accommodate it.

Thanks for the report Sheldon!

Als want a Canadian at receiver so they can play Na’Ty Rodgers at RT? That cannot be right.

Thanks, MasoSheldon… I agree with you about the logo. There isn’t one angle where you can make out this logo, I bet you the helmet design will be looked after when new owners take over and placed on the side of the helmet where every pro team has put it for the last 50 years.

Watched to the interview with Sherman, by the body language, tone and answers, I came away that this guy doesn’t want to be there, I can’t really blame him, he knows he will be let go at the end of the season if not sooner, he’s playing with less money than the other teams and is still sore that his little buddy was kicked out of the league.

I am ready to predict this team will win one to three games this season.

The[b]Alouettes[/b]added national defensive lineman[url=]Nathan Anderson[/url]to the roster. The 2019 draft pick will be on the field with his teammates on Tuesday.

This is the guy who MUST be clearly better than Vincent Desjardins selected and signed on the 9th of may by the Stamps.

Suspect that, rightly or wrongly, it was a position pick as much as anything … Anderson a DE while Desjardins is a DT.

Pipken has lost weight, Schiltz has added some weight.

You make a point here but it is not that Fabion Foote is a lock as a CDN DT …

Kavis wanted someone who could play both DT and DE. Obviously time will tell if Anderson was the right choice over Desjardins.

[justify]The second man to see a 514 number on his phone was Mizzou Football’s versatile defensive tackle Nate Anderson. A strategic pick that could very well be the backup for both DT Fabion Foote and DE Bo Banner.[/justify]

[justify][b]“[i]The necessity was a guy who can play on the inside and the outside. We had to make certain to protect ourselves at the defensive tackle and defensive end positions and we needed someone who would be ready to be on the roster right away.[/i]?[/b][/justify]
[justify][b]With the Rouge et Or’s Mathieu Betts being off the board, Anderson, who has experience going up against imposing o-linemen of the highest ranked NCAA conference, appeared as the most disruptive element to the passing game.[/b][/justify]


Kavis is FOS… A DT can’t make an impact as a DE and a DE can’t make an impact as a DT. They liked one better than the other. That’s their right as long as they are in charge… Which won’t be for much longer.

This is not Anderson’s fault…

Agreed. DE and DT have different body types and skillsets.