Als trades

Okay, trading away Malveaux is not a loss in my opinion....

And I can't say that I'm surprised that Curry was moved out.....he got in Matthews' doghouse and once there you never seem to get out.

But to trade him for Nealon Greene? Why?????????? What do we need Greene for? We've already got Calvillo, Carter, and Brady......what was the point of this move??

Greene has experience as a CFL starter, so should AC get injured, they have someone who is capable of starting, granted he wasnt the best QB when he was here, but Saskatchewan seems to be a graveyard for QBs-- we have had Clements, Burgess, Hufnagel, Barnes all play here, and they had more success after they left the riders-- so there is some history there(I would be remiss if I didnt mention Burris)

So Greene has started in the CFL.......heck, so has Brady.....and when he did start for Toronto against Montreal he gave them fits. Carter has been a starter in the NFL.................okay, that's no guarantee that you can perform up here in our superior league (hello, Vince Ferragamo), but I still don't see the point.

And sambo, you missed another of your GRAVEyard QBs....remember Marvin Graves?

OK, WTF? What are they planning? I guess they want 3 strong QB's, and they figure Quincy Carter can jump the boat easily and quickly (back to the NFL or to a pot plant), and that Brady is not as good as he appeared in the 2003 East final (the high point of his career...). So, hire good ole Nealon (I believe Matthews coached him in Edmonton, but I'm not sure). And Matthews, carries much weight in the organisation. BUT, I can't believe they traded Almondo Curry! He is much better than Malveaux (who is now gone) and Darrell Crutchfield. I can't believe Crutchfield is still on this team and Almondo Curry was traded. I guess Matthews chooses based on other things than ability... Fire his damn ass (Crutchfield) ! THis team needs a good corner to replace Crutchfield. Do that, we have a much better team!

The corners this year will be Bell and Sanchez happy now?

This is starting to worry me a little bit. Doesn't it seem odd that the Al's have went out and brought in 3 veteran QB's? Something doesn't seem right here. Something has to be up with AC, possibly retirement, or something personal? I'am not psychic, but i think something is up. Last time i checked the Al's have to address depth in the defensive secondary, not QB. Brady i can understand, but Greene and Carter are not coming to Montreal to watch from the bench.

I want some feedback. Somehow i feel the QB spot for the Al's is going to be up for grabs this offseason.

You may be on to something Peter.........seems to me I posted somewhere in another thread that maybe, just maybe, there's something up wtih AC that we don't know about yet.................certainly hope not, but one never does know in the wonderful world of the CFL...........

Popp is making me nervous. I was wondering the same thing as you guys. What's the point of having N.Greene ? I can understand getting ride of Curry, but why another QB ?

I wish the Montreal Gazzette, or tsn would press Don Matthews for answers, and why he has choosen to look at 7 QB's on the roster. If i'am Dinwiddie, McBrien, or Roberson i take the first flight out of Montreal because they won't stand a chance.

just a smart a$$ comment to add to that play the bombers revamped defence 6 times this year........perhaps the Don is having nightmares of that runaway freight train which is the bombers new front 7, and is planning on losing one qb each game........:slight_smile:

Yeah in the Gazette it sais that the Alouettes have 7 QBs entering training camp. Why trade your defence and get QBs, and do a killing on the salary cap, if the Offence wasn't even the problem?

Yeah i forgot about him..... has Brady been given a starting job without the original starter being injured? Asnwer to that is NO, but Greene did QB the riders to 11 victories in 2003, so he can do a good job. There have been a couple other QBs from the NFL to come up and try their hand(Jim Zorn and Art Shlichter), but they never panned out. I suspect that it will take Carter some time to get used to the CFL game, where Greene knows the game. As I said in another post, Greene can throw(he did win the longest throw comeptition at last year's Damon Allen QB challenge) , he just needs to develop some accuracy. Another QB i forgot to mention in the QB gravyard was Reggie Slack... his problem though is when he was taking meds he thought he was pure dropback passer....

Hey Als dudes think...They have some trade lined up i bet you. Theyre gonna try deal AC for some other guys and they want to try carter and have Pylon greene for backup

Any more ridiculous insights for us :roll:

scoff all you want but if you want Carter or Brady as backups go right ahead, cause if AC get injured at any time during the year, the Als will be watching the playoffs on TV with those two as backups

So you are saying Greene should be the backup!

Yes i think he should, he is a better QB when he comes off the bench

I think I might prefer Brady but its too early to tell.

One question. When was the last time the Als did not host a playoff game? You guys are the bizarro world Roughrider fans. They start booking hotel rooms in Regina for the playoffs just for hiring a new assistant coach.

which reminds me.... to call the Hotel Saskatchewan on Monday.... 8)