Al's Trade Kelly Melveaux To Bombers...

Now we have added another solid DB. Now what do people think of the Bombers not Improving much?

no really
You can have our castoffs :lol:

our D has improved a lot this offseason and still some morons think well our Def. still suck.

....I think we are starting to get some notice now Pegger....but no respect...I'm sure the latter will a hurry... :smiley:...Malveaux is a solid pick-up....experienced and a quality db.... :arrow:

Well for the 43 pick in the draft, we'll take your castoffs... I hope you fell the same way after the first two games of the season.... :smiley:

To top it off you guy's picked up Nealon... HA HA HA HE HE HE (on the floor laughing about castoffs) :twisted:

Ya I have to admit I dont understand that deal! can always use Pylon as a tackling dummy.....if that ain't a cast-off.....the ALS. must consider him as a quality pick-up.....ho ho...not you got me laughing... :lol: :lol:

Isn't Kelly getting a bit long in the tooth! He has been around for a long time retirement home is the Bombers I guess. red....its called excitement-ville now....Malveaux has got lots left in the tank.....his day has just arrived...can't knock his experience..something every team needs...He'll be a nice fit and be very valuable in the play-offs... :!:

well they have some of our castoffs, Santino Hall, Omar Evans and Kevin Glenn, and now an Al's castoff-- Malveaux. Ill give a them new name -- castaways, cause Winnipeg is looking a lot like Gilligan's Island right now....

Thats see he played for the Lions he was good, Played for Calgaryy he was good, he played for Montreal he was okay and now with the bombers he will fit in with all those aging backs on the defense. Montreal wanted him gone because he played terrible.

Like I said I dont understand the deal
Then again I am neither the CFL's winningest coach or one of its most proven GM's

In Don we trust!

Ro I agree if the Don lets a guy go you know he is on his last legs before retirement. If I remember right the game Calgary beat Montreal Copeland said something like Kelly is my B!tch! But you can bet he must have some good players coming in to replace what he sending out. Really if he thought Kelly was a threat would he trade him to a team in the East? Kelly was a good player at one time but each year I noticed he is losing a step. To bad great guy.

…oh and i guess Simpson and Hebert…would be considered cast-offs as well… in your book eh sambo… you have no perception of what a good signing is…i gues cuz you haven’t had one for such a long time…seen a few of your cast-offs head off to cowtown though… :lol:

red, you just won't admit the bombers are a good team. nowadays you're reasons are just stupid. malveaux didn't play terrible, he lead the team in passknockdowns and was 2nd in tackles, i call that good. plus or db corps is a young one. just man up and admit winnipeg is a real contender before you end up saying milt stegall is the worst reciever ever to play in the cfl

Yogi drinking that tainted water is not good for you. If he was so great then why is he expendable for basically nothing! ha ha ha

Winnipeg has improved their defense substantially with their recent moves and trades IMO…but Montreal must have some good rookies coming to camp to let Currie and Malveaux go this early. Maybe some of their QB’s can play defense. lol

ever heard of a salary dump? and once agian i only drink bottled water! you better stop drinking the manure water in calgary, because it's obviously decomposing your brain

Wow Yogi you came up with that very quickly your little pea brain is working today! I must of upset you to get that type of compliment!