Als Trade Bo Lokombo to the Argos

Traded to the Argos for an 8th round pick.
This has me scratching my head . BO was an absolute beast for the ALS last year making bone crushing tackles and providing great coverage from the safety position as well as an outside linebacker. He is a solid healthy veteran at age 29 and a national ratio buster.

I can only guess that this was a salary dump and maybe opening the door for a return from injury for national safety Loffler.

In my eyes , this was an en excellent pickup for the Argos.

Mtl had 3 high priced Cdn safety-lb hybrid type guys last year in Lokombo, Ackie and Loffler. Something had to give if they were going to after some dline free agents. Lokombo is definitely a salary dump considering they only got an 8th round pick in return. They may even dump Loffler as he’s coming off knee surgery and focus on signing Ackie. Personally I would have kept Lokombo out of the three. Expect them to go hard after a Davis, Wynn, or Jefferson

Yeah I agree that Lokombo would have been the best player to keep. I also can see them dumping Loffler and going after Ackie.
The Als have dumped alot of salary in Lokombo, Posey, retired Bowman, likely Loffler, Stanback to the NFL.
I agree that the ALS are likely gearing up to take a run at Davis or Jefferson.

Jefferson has turned down NFL tryouts which leads me to believe he is staying in Winnipeg. .I think if Davis doesn’t go to Calgary then he’d likely stay in Hamilton over Montreal.

Davis will look at the ALS and see star running back Stanback gone and Posey gone as a receiver and Bowman, Lokombo, Campbell and likely Loffler gone from their defence and realize this team will regress while Hamilton has a great coaching staff and the Grey Cup birth and a good chance to go back this year and then the cup is in Hamilton in 2021.

Right now, aside from Hamilton the East looks pretty weak.
The Argos new coach Dinwidee has no experience and their defence looks weak and their qb possibilities are not great in Bethal Thompson, or Nicholls or Jennings…
They have no running back and Tyrel Walker is not signed and SJ Green is close to the end.

Ottawa looks very weak and I don’t think Arbuckle is a starter in this league. And they don’t have any decent RB’s or receivers.

In Montreal , the loss of Stanback is going to kill them and GM Danny M"s moves dumping Campbell, Lokombo, and Posey and signing RB Wilder all appear to be questionable and Toronto and Ottawa are doing a complete reset at Gm, coaches, qb’s.

Hamilton has pretty much the entire management team and coaching staff intact and 2 good qb’s that know the system .
Their only potential issues could be on the defensive line and at kicker…
Hamilton should be heavy favorites to win the east …only concern is the western cross over team