Als Top 20 Plays of the year

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Its in 2 clips because it was too big to upload as 1
The first is numbers 20 to 11

The second is numbers 10-1

I think number 3 should be 1
Number 1 should be 2 and
I really dont see anything special about number 2

I would agree. Thought sure the Cahoon catch would be #1.

Lots of great plays though. Nice find!

Ben's catch should have been no. 1. Absolutely amazing display and to my knowledge unique in terms of highlight-reel catches.

Some of the plays that made this list are a bit ho-hum IMO. Watkins's end-zone TD only looks cool because he bobbled a very catchable ball in the end zone before securing it just prior to going out of bounds. At least one of Richardson's catches falls into the "ordinary day at the office for the Als offense" category. :slight_smile:

I would have liked to see the defense get more love even when the play didn't result in points scored. Keron Williams and John Bowman had some heroic plays this year that led to either sacks or forced fumbles.

THe clips showed what a great linebacker Cox is.

Agreed. He got better and better as the year went on. I take my hat off to Jim Popp for coming up with the idea of moving Cox to linebacker. I hated it in the first third of the season, but I have to eat crow now. Great move.