Als Top 10 Players - 2009

Well it's officially "silly season".
Rumours, free agents, NFL "traitors".
I just read the Alouettes released Davis Sanchez - at his request.
Got me thinking who's essential for success in 2010....who's "not so much".

So, if anyone wants to play...break it down any way you like:
5 Offense, 5 Defense, or throw in some special teams:
Who were the Alouettes top 10 players of 2010.
Here's my list:

Anthony Calvillo
Avon Cobourne
Jamal Richardson
Scott Flory

Chip Cox
Davis Sanchez
Anwar Stewart
Eric Wilson

Larry Taylor
Damon Duval

If people get into it, it might be interesting to see not only who is picked, but to discuss why and explain omissions...
(and post season losses)

I agree with your choices on Offence but would add Bryan Chiu the QB of the OL, and Josh Bourke at the all-important LT position.
On Defence, while Ive always admired Coxs determination, I dont consider him or Sanchez essential. I would add future star MLB Shea Emery who is also a ratio changer, and Billy Parker at the difficult position of weak side DB. On Special Teams Mr. Popp always seems to find a Larry Taylor type, so a) I doubt he makes the NFL and b) I doubt well miss him if he does. Duval makes me nervous at times, but as he does all 3 kicking chores fairly decently and sticks his head into traffic, he would be missed. And we don`t have a special teams stud like Arakgi in B.C. or Barker in Ham. Walter Spencer was kind of invisible last year.

Offence :

Calvillo (most valuable)


Cox (most valuable)





The same as discipline except, on defence, I take Emery over Estelle.

Well, no bad choices on this list, and I thought about Shea too, but what stopped me were the following factors:

[ol]- I thought Shea struggled a bit with his consistency at times. He went through a stretch in the middle third of the season when he was not nearly as effective against the run. A combination of poor reads and over-aggression in the gap, maybe. Perfectly normal for a young starter.

  • Shea rotates with Ramon Guzman depending on the down. I know I have guys like Bowman and Williams there who also rotate in and out, but that's more to keep them fresh. Whereas I think Tim Burke thinks Guzman is a better fit on certain downs and in certain situations.[/ol]

My criterion for choices, in order:

  1. Being a game-breaker...making that one (or more) play that turns the tide.
  2. Heart....making that second and third effort.
  3. Consistency and reliability...being there every game, and not making a crucial mistake.
  4. Leadership...being an example on and off the field

Although I've had my issues with AC, there's no doubt he's tops in 1,3&4...sometimes not so sure about 2.
Avon Cobourne is there with all 4...with an extra dose of 2
Same goes for Jamel, with some added aggression for good measure

On Defense I can't say enough about Chip Cox....especially his game-breaking ability...the ball seems to love this guy.
Sanchez has REALLY turned himself around on 4...he'll be missed
Anwar Stewart is a leader, a game-breaker and plays with he's a yoga master...what more is there?
Eric Wilson is the heart of the defense....he goes almost unnoticed...until he's out with an injury...a tower of strength...with an attitude.

You have to wonder how well Larry Taylor's going to do in the NFL...and I don't mean his size. He just can't seem to protect the football (or catch it) and that, more than broadcasting "This Is A Sweep To Taylor" was why he was no longer a part of the offense in the second half of the season. Still...when he was on his game...he could turn ANY game around at will.
Damon Duval averaged almost 14 points/game last season (or 2 touchdowns!). While this might say as much about the team not finishing drives (and about how many drives led to a be fair) with a less consistent kicker the Alouettes wouldn't have made it all the way. Plus....he kicked the winning field goal in the Grey Cup. How's that for a parting shot?