Al's to sign Ahman Green

Could this bring Avon Cobourne to the cats?

Green will be 34 at the start of training camp. Not exactly a guy they could build a long term running game around. I can't see him replacing AC.

An Argo-Cat fan

I doubt that. When you look at the stats, Cobourne and Cobb are as close as any two backs could be. Cobb is 2 years younger and I expect is paid less.

When you look at the style of play, Cobourne and Cobb are as different as any two backs could be. But you're right that Cobb is almost certainly paid way less. Hopefully the Cats will bring in an even cheaper young guy with a chip on his shoulder to challenge Cobb. Then maybe the "cheaper is better" mantra will work to our advantage for a change.

Conte Cuttino will be at TC this year.He's a small quick guy like Thigpen, i'm not sure that's what we want though.I mean A.J. Harris is alright size wise and stuff.But I want a Jamal Robertson type back that can form a 1-2 punch with Cobb sort of like the Jets do having a power runner in Tomlinson and a speedster in Greene.