Als to rest vets for Edmonton game

Well it looks like Trestman is doing what many of us feel is the smart safe thing and resting the veterans that need it for the Edmonton game.


Duval is not being rested, he is out with a kidney stone.
They mentioned on the news yesterday they were looking to/did sign a new kicker.

I actually don't like that Calvillo won't be playing a single quarter. That is too long a layoff until the east division final. But we'll see.

I also don't like Boulay at corner, but given our injuries in the secondary, I guess we don't really have a choice.

I love that Cahoon isent sitting, god i love that guy lol!

He RO, any ETA on the return of Duval ? is he out for the playoffs ? If so, that is terrible news.

They didnt say how long he would be out. I would be surprised if he missed the playoffs

If it was up to me I'd have split the last 2 games; play the starters for one half of each game, as opposed to having them not play at all in the last game. But, they pay Trestman the big bucks to make these sorts of decisions, not me.

Boulay on the corner is a bit troublesome, I'd have put Hendrix out there instead but he's injured, which is too bad because he did pretty well on the corner last year.

Oh well.................

I actually thought Woldu did a credible job on the corner during that game when Sanchez got hurt. Is he still injured? If not, why not give him a shot?

I guess everyone on that list, except Anthony Calvillo are pretty banged up right now. Good choice by the coaching staff. Edmonton will be looking to set the tone for the playoffs I think, and plus with the cold weather, the bones get more fragile, and I'm done... :stuck_out_tongue:

That's his natural position. He played all through College at corner and the Jets gave him a tryout as a corner. We are in better shape playing Proux at Saftety and Boulay at Corner then playing Boulay at safety and Thomas or Estelle at Corner. We lose nothing at the safety position and we improve at corner.

Im not worried about AC. He's been on fire since the 1st game of the year in Hamilton. He knows he has something to prove this year and finish what he started. Give him the rest he needs it. Im sure playing 17 games he must have some sort of fatigue. He will get the practice he needs and the rest he needs. The game is at the Big O in Montreal and he knows its either Grey Cup or failure!

I'm well aware of all that. But he hasn't played corner full-time in a long time. The one game he did play -- as an injury substitute for Woldu replacing Sanchez -- he was terrible, playing 15 yards off the receiver.

We are in better shape playing Proux at Saftety and Boulay at Corner then playing Boulay at safety and Thomas or Estelle at Corner. We lose nothing at the safety position and we improve at corner.
[/quote] You think Boulay is an improvement on Estelle at corner? I have to disagree. Estelle is one of our best cover men. Proulx is good at safety, but I prefer Boulay because he reads the QB's eyes better and has the wheels to make quick breaks on the ball.

He's an improvement over an injured Estelle, yes.

They all play 15 yards off the receivers for some reason

Why are you wasting my time with obvious statements? Duh, yes, he's an improvement over an injured Estelle. That doesn't mean he'll be great at the position, or even serviceable.

Can't disagree, but Boulay's coverage was bad even for our secondary. At least guys like Carter and Estelle will make plays on the ball occasionally. Boulay just gave his man 15 yards like he was terrified of being beaten for a big gain.

Wast your time. Man you think highly of yourself LOL! I'll explain for you. Estelle's been playing with a bum shoulder for 3 weeks so the Als had to rotate him with Thomas last week and it didn't work too well. So a healthy Boulay is better then Estelle with one good shoulder. But obviously you knew that :slight_smile:

Boulay did not made the NFL as a corner back. In the game he played corner for the Als he was terrible! He is best at safety where his speed and hard hitting compensate for missed assignment by other defensive backs.

Agreed. I noticed the secondary getting burned a lot more when he is not around to compensate. Very good point. :thup:

As for resting Cavillo, I share the opinion with those who feel that he should work a half. 3 weeks without playing may come back to haunt the Als.

Thank you for enlightening me on the merits of a healthy Boulay being better than an injured Estelle. That was certainly a non-obvious point that needed to made. :roll:

My concern, however, was not whether Boulay would be an improvement over an injured Estelle, but whether he'd be an improvement at the position over another healthy corner such as, say, Woldu. And judging from tonight's performance, my concern was perfectly valid. Boulay was terrible at corner.