Als to play Ti-cats at BIG O

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Als start preseason in Halifax, hold last home game at Big O

The Canadian Football League unveiled the 2006 regular season schedule and as announced yesterday, the Alouettes will start preseason in Halifax. The Alouettes are planning to hold their last home game at Olympic Stadium in the “Als’ Fan Day� ddedicated to minor football for a fourth consecutive season.

On Friday June 16, Montreal fans will have the privilege to witness a Grey Cup re-match when the Alouettes and Edmonton Eskimos will battle at Percival Molson Stadium in the CFL’s first regular season game of 2006.

Like every year, the Alouettes will be facing each West Division team twice, once at Percival Molson Stadium, once out west. They will face the Ottawa Renegades three times in regular season and twice in preseason, will play the Toronto Argonauts three times and will battle the Hamilton Tiger-Cats twice in regular season. The Alouettes will host these same Tiger-Cats at Olympic Stadium on October 21.

Every Alouettes’ game will be broadcast on the radio in English on CJAD and in French on CKAC. The schedule for the television broadcasters (RDS, TSN et CBC) will be released early next week.

I don’t expect we’ll see more than 40,000 at Olympic Stadium in October. Especially if the Als aren’t winning like the fans expect them to.

Here we go again!

but since they are playin at the BIG O for their last home game...does that mean they are NOT playin a playoff game there?

cuz i think having a BIG O game so close to a playoff game at the BIG O, actually hurts thier playoff draw.....a reg.season BIG O game should be just after the labour-day games.

i woulda recommended the sept 24th game against BC...they developed a rivalry last season....oh well

I would expect a near sellout at the Big O if the Als challenge for first place. After all, the Als are the only winning team in the city, the Habs looks like will not make the playoffs.

the Habs will make the playoffs, and make it to the 2nd round.

It doesn’t look good for either the Habs or Leafs. I would like Montreals chances a whole lot better if they could win a few in a row especially starting tonight and hopping over the Laffers.

Excellect, I hope they have a better feild for the teams this time around, but the Big O is done after one more GC.

says who?
Kanga your making up stuff again

From my point of view, everybodu seems done with the Big O, however, I'd would love to see just one more GC there.