Als to name Milanovich OC and Jim Daley DC


Not overly surprised at Milanovich getting the promotion. Daley surprises me a bit given that he currently holds a decent job.....he has failed twice as a head coach, but it seems to me his record as a defensive coordinator was always pretty good.

Als to promote Milanovich

The Canadian Press Dec. 30 2007

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according to league sources that is.

Scott Milanovich is young.

He played with Calgary in 2003.

He was the Als QB coach last year
so he will know the Al's players

but his inexperience as an O.C.
won't be working in his favour.

As the article says, 'better inexperience
at Offensive Co-ordinater than at D.C.'

He spent 2 years as a QB coach in NFL Europe
and 2 years as an O.C. coach in NFL Europe.

This report also says league sources say

the Alouettes have spoken to Denny Creehan
as well as former CFL head coach Jim Daley

about their vacant defensive co-ordinator's job.

and Dan Daniel, a former Edmonton
Eskimos defensive assistant

during their unprecedented run
of five straight Grey Cup wins.

[That was a long time back.]


Let's see who takes the D.C job.

If Jim Daly doesn't get the Al's job
and wants to get back into coaching

he might be a good choice here
to get our Defence stabilized.

I agree with the point that OC isn't as important for the Als than DC. Trestman's background appears to be all on the offensive side of things, so he'll probably be very hands on with the offence, thus making the OC hire less important.

....wicked, the Als new OC is HOT!....

....YIKES.....Daley????? as d coordinator...don't know MadJack....the last year he coached the Bombers his 'd' ...wellllll....putting it mildly, stunk. All kinds of friction between him and Rust ...I believe Daley is a good teacher of the game...not a coach....However, he may do better in a fresh situation...and he does have CFL experience...that's about all the positive i'll give him????? :roll:

Does this means Hamilton gets what’s left over. Denny Creehan?

I hope not too Much of 3-4 Nut..
it don't work unless 4 good Linebackers
Ticats have 1 Right now need to Resign Armor so we have 2

Worked pretty well for Toronto...

Cause they had the tallent to Run it ..

you need 4 good Linebackers
2 Good DE's
1 Good Nose Tackle
5 Good DB's

Toronto has this ..

geez, talk about the gang that couldn't shoot straight! Maybe Popp has gone mad? Or perhaps he knows he's going to get canned at the end of the season anyways, so might as well sink the good ship Alouette with him??

While I am not familiar with the new OC, at least she is attractive. The question here is can she get the guys to play hard for her, game in and out? I guess only time well tell how the season will unfold. 8)

You guys have it wrong. it is this Milanovich, nowhere near as pretty.

....hook, line, sinker....

Papa, Daley had a good record on defense when he was with Calgary under Wally Buono. I think with Daley's experience, he would help the Als rookie Head Coach. I'd say this is a pretty good move by the Al's!

Yeah Daley is a more conservative DC then Creehan but I think both could be effective. Creehan had a tough year in 07 but had Barker balanced talent a bit better instead of overspending on his receiving corp, he might have fared better.

Fans and Press in Montreal are anxious to meet Trestman... So hopefully when everyone returns from Holiday the Als will introduce their coaching staff publicly. If they can't get Trestman in town maybe Smith can get Desjardins to put on a mask a la Mysterio or Nacho Libre and tell the fans that Trestman is under there. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind Daley as DC if it does happen. He’s a older veteran coach who always did well in the assistant role despite not being much of a success as a head coach. He has a wealth of CFL experience and will be a good resource for Trestman to lean on to get familiar with the Canadian game.

And I agree with MadJack that the OC position is less important because Trestman is an offensive specialist and will likely be involved in planning and running the offense in a very hands-on way. (though I’m still wondering why we couldn’t hire Danny Barrett, who would be a helluva improvement over Scott Milanovitch?)

I don't really know much about Milanovich; but I agree that Barrett would have been a good hire; he was always known as a 'players' coach' and that might have been something we could have used this year, to remedy some of the turmoil the team went through last year. Oh well......