Al's to make announcement about Popp today at 2PM

My hunch is he'll be relieved of his coaching duties, but he'll be retained as GM.

But if Mon treal fires him outright, I'd love to see the Cats scoop him up.

Als just announced that they are going back to the more "traditional" way of doing things. Popp will be General Manager only, giving up his head coaching duties. They hope to announce a new coach soon. (Do you think that Popp will try to get Taaffe back in the fold if he is let go here)?

Here is the official (and brief!) media release for the news:

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  • paul

The Team 990 in Montreal has also reported that Als DC Chris Jones is expected to be named the new Montreal head coach in the next few days.

This has yet to be confirmed.

Oski Wee Wee,

SUCKS! Popp relieved of his Coaching duties just means there is 1 less coach around to choose from. The Coaching pool has suddenly become smaller.
So, Cats better move QUICKLY on a GM, and subsequent hiring of a coach too (if that is the decision). If the new G.M. decides to keep Taffe, then it is only the Assistants we need to hire.
The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup:

Stubler said last week that Montreal is one place he'd consider for a HC position. Let the musical chairs begin!!

An Argo-Cat fan

So Montreal promotes one if its assistant coaches to Head Coach. What a novel concept! How long will it be before we are that well prepared?