Games like this just make me want to drink more.

And for those who don't, it's enough to make you start!

Ok let's start...Green must have some virus or something 2 fumbles (lucky on the penalty). Richardson sometimes should just go down, lucky London saved his a$$. Our d-line is made of glass. Maypray sucks either use him as a receiver or bye bye. I feel like starting a petition to stop let him do the returns! WE WANT BO BOWLING LOL!!!!!! Dwight Anderson got a 15 yard penalty because his name is Dwight Anderson. Right now we are playing like Sun Youth Bantam B football and only losing by 4, not bad!

Yuck! So many boneheaded penalties! This team looks horrible right now. Even Calvillo looks like Cleo Lemon. These guys have too much swagger, and not enough balls. Another roughing penalty by the Als! keep it up...

3 missed tackles by Estelle

You think maybe just maybe the def could of come out with 1 big Sun Youth Bantam B football defence is back.

Were gonna start at the 10 or 20 anyway because Tim Maypray is the best!

I am no Marc Trestman. I am no Vince Lombardi. I am no Leonardo DaVinci. But, I do know 1 thing:


Tibesar needs to be fired! The defense *****!!! Special teams *****! Richardson, catch the ****** ball!

Take the 15 yard take the 1 game suspension but Stala doing that to me before going into the end zone i would rip his helmet off and make him eat it. Its funny how that bum played 1 game in 2 years with us, but Jesus threw water at him and now hes fine.

Trestman says the 2011 team is not the same team that won the Grey Cup in 2010. The Alouettes players are really lucky that is the case, cause those bums would have to give their Grey Cup rings back!!!!

He is a bum! He did the same thing against Toronto when playing for the Als. he even got a penalty for it. This guy broke his foot because he was playing with soccer shoes. He also closed a few bars on Crescent street during his time with the Als... Good thing for him there are no distractions in Hamilton.

It is not losing that bugs me. It is the way they are playing. They are just being undisciplined with all the penalties.

Most of those penalties are BS. Guzman getting flagged for facemasking when it was the Cat player facemasking him. Anderson gets late hit when the Cat receiver was going for the first-down marker and was still in bounds. Ferri for unnecessary roughness on a GODDAMN TACKLE.

Terrible officiating tonight, for both teams.

Anyway, this team has an offense and no defense or special teams this year. Maybe a .500 record if we're lucky.

And once again, my favorite play: the enemy team scoring a running TD on us because the defensive end and the linebacker didn't respect contain on the quarterback. Pathetic. I don't know about Tibesar. His defense looks sloppy, soft, and undisciplined, and it can't make a stop when it counts. Basically, unless the offense scores 30+ points, the defense is useless.

I would seriously reevaluate some of the coaching staff at the end of the season: Tibesar, Bischoff, even Mike Sinclair.

I agree 100%. But, AC has completed 50% of his passes the last 2 games. Richardson was brutal tonight. How many passes did he get his hands on and not catch?

Wow! Whyte's onside kick had more hang time than his normal kickoffs...


I really miss Burke as DC…

Cobourne just jabbed Emry in the throat area. I respect Cobourne, but that was a cheap shot. Really cheap.

On the other hand...

Eskimos 1 - 0 Argonauts on TSN2.