According to RDS,Calvillo will start; furtermore, Watkins and Bourke will be back. I definitely thought that both Watkins and Bourke would be back next week,against the Argos. Since McCuller will /should be out,to make room for Watkins in terms of imports, London will/should remain as a WR. I expect Lambros to be transferred to the practice roster,to make room for Bourke.


Let's just hope that the symptoms suffered by Calvillo were not somehow concussion-related

After listening to Gabriel Grégoire's tirade on CKAC

...especially on the fact that Boulay's i[/i] concussion symptoms were ignored after an early impact on special teams...only to see Etienne out of Friday's game because of a hit late in the same game.

Calvillo's blurred vision seems likely to be the result of impact...although the possibility of pebbles/finger/helmet have not been ruled out. By AC's own admission he's had this happen last year, but it's unlikely we'll get any straight answers about this until AC writes his memoires.

If the vision problems are from the impact...I believe a minimum of 2 weeks is the protocol.
But considering what happened to Boulay...there's no telling what risks the team will take to win.

If I'm AC...I'm trusting my instincts on this one...any maybe looking askance at my entourage.

I hope he'll be wise enough to make the right decision...whatever it is.

It was pretty obvious that Jamel Richardson wasn't 100% in Week 4
In an offence so obviously skewed towards Richardson
It would be interesting to find out in what percentage of plays is Jamel the primary receiver

Perhaps Richardson not being able to get open as often or as effectively as usual
Might account for some of the problems the Alouettes quarterbacks had last Sunday

He wasn't breaking tackles on those short passes...fighting his way to another 1st down
And the keystone cops routine on the endzone interception wasn't just embarrassing
It may well have cost us the game

So the return of Kerry Watkins is just what the doctor ordered
Not just to give AC a legitimate "deep" threat
But to take some heat off Richardson and Green

And hopefully take the Ticats this Friday

Go Als Go!!!

As long as they play well on the road I'm happy, of course a win would be a nice bonus :smiley:

Well, looking at the Ticats' defence, I'd be inclined to think that our receivers need to have a big game. Hamilton's D line is pretty good, and their linebacking corps is excellent, likely one of the best if not THE best in the league. It's their secondary that might be a tad weak by comparison. Long ball might just be the way to go.

Actually, it's good to have an off-game every now and then; keeps everyone honest and humble.

Now, for the task at hand. Glenn can not be comfortable during the game. AC must receive all the protection he requires. Whitaker has to get going and our receivers have to pull 'em down. Even SJ dropped catchable passes in the last 2 games. No stupid penalities - play tough, but smart. STs? - well, let's hope for good lane running, better blocking schemes....!

Let's get 'em!

Go Als go!

Watching the game over
It's obvious the officiating is way off
There was an obvious screening penalty not called
With McPherson throwing to London in the endzone
Then a few minutes later...a roughing the kicker call

On the replay it's obvious Crawford made no contact whatsoever
Not until his trailing foot (during the dive) clipped Johnsons kicking foot
On the ground

These kind of calls should be reviewable IMO
The potential field position implications
Could affect a whole game

Agreed 100% on the contacting the kicker penalty. I was utterly pissed on the replay. Eddie Johnson should go play soccer if he wants to fake an injury like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

As per today;s CFL transactions, the Als have:

Deleted Matt Landros-WR,N- and added him to the practice roster.

Deleted Jeraill McCuller-OT,I-; I presume that they feel that our non-import OL are just as good.

Deleted Prechae Rodriguez-WR,I-

Added Seth Williams-DB,I- to the practice roster; at the end of training camp,he was hurt,otherwise he would have been on the roster.

Removed Daunte Akra-DE,I, from the practice roster.


Akra is headed to the Detroit Lions, and seeing McCuller hasnt been added to the practice roster, I wouldnt be surprised if he too was headed for a NFL tryout.

Good to see Seth Williams added to the practise roster
He impressed in pre-season
Hopefully he'll be up to speed soon

Out of the mouth of babes

Well...Eric Wilson is as far from a "babe" as one might imagine
But his response to Avon Cobourne's twitter campaign against Dwight Anderson
Leaves little doubt that stories of "failing to come to terms financially"
Were just so much hot air

I've been saying all along that Cobourne's complaints about his lack of use
the fact the Alouettes abandoned the running game in what most agree was the detriment of the team
Was the primary reason he was dissed and allowed to go to free agency

"There's a reason he's not back in Montreal and there's a reason Dwight is," Wilson said. "That's all I can say."
A bit'll agree But it's obvious there's more to this story than we've been told

I wouldn’t read too much into it. Just guys toying with each other in the wireless age.

Not feeling great about our chances today. Short week, only one practice, rookie at safety, and our special teams will likely be the same old gong show it's been in every game this season. Thigpen will have a field day with our crappy coverage and our terrible punting / kickoffs.

Yee of doom and gloom!

This is going to be a good football game and will be decided on the line of scrimmage.

I agree and also for Whitaker/Calvillo to have a good game and set the tone in the early going.

Well, so far - yech!!!!! C'mon O, let's get it together!

This team is stupid, just a bunch of real dumb idiots. Take ur bloody heads out of ur a&&'s and throw ur ego's in the garbage. Fricking pathetic waited all week for this crap. Makes me sick to my stomach.

Well, the 1st half is not over yet, but this game will show us what kind of team we really have. After a most frustrating game against Sask, this game is shaping up the same way - poor execution, lack of discipline...

So, we'll see how things shape up.