Als-Tiger-Cats in Moncton

As per today's CFL transactions, the Als have made the following moves:

NIP WR Kyle Graves-former QB- added to active roster,from practice roster.
NIP OL Pascal Baillargeon removed from active roster and added to practice roster.
IMP LB Winston Venable removed from active roster and added to practice roster.
IMP WR Daniel Moore removed from practice roster.

Presently, one vacant position on active roster; I expect IMP LB Kyries Hebert to be added.-from 1 game injured list-


Popp on today`s website scrum said Lumbala is out and Townsend away for personal reasons but could possibly play.

Mom also put Pippin’s game pants in the dryer. They weren’t long to start with, and boy did they ever shrink!

Poor Pippin :cry:

Paging Douglas Berry, paging Douglas Berry. Your wanted at the porta potties urgently. (I'll lock him in one ) :slight_smile:

while inside, you could offer him a "Poo Cocktail Supreme" if the O is beyond atrocious.

a bib may be necessary though.. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about I just flip it over :lol: Then let him out and put an Argos cap on his head :cowboy:

[b]HfxTC wrote: How about I just flip it over :lol: Then let him out and put an Argos cap on his head :cowboy:[/b]
works for me. :D

Ticats are dressing Alverado tomorrow instead of Congi. Some people don't mess around with their kicking game :cowboy:

As per Als Depth Chart, NIP Kyle Graves is third QB. IMP QB Tanner Marsh is on 1 game injured list.


Unless a last minute change, tomorrow's kickers for Hamilton are: NIPs Josh Bartel and Brelt Lauther. Lauther replaces Congi.


As per today's CFL transactions the Als have:
NIP RB Steven Lumbala transferred to 9 game injured list, to November 23,2013.
NIP OL Andrew Woodruff extended to 9 game injured list,to November 23,2013.
IMP QB Nathan Enderle-from Idaho- added to practice roster.


Nathan Enderle-25 years old,6-4 and 240- was eligible for NFL draft in 2011. Drafted in round 5 by the Chicago Bears. Waived by the Bears June 14,2012. Signed by San Diego Chargers July 31,2013 and waived August 25,2013.

Positive notes on him: Outstanding size and arm strength to drive the ball into tight spaces.Extremely intelligent and has a strong understanding of the game. Works and practices hard. Very experienced,pro-style passer. Has physical tools to develop.

Negative notes on him: Too analytical on the field,overthinks the game.Average poise and processing speed in the pocket. Not quick-footed to escape the rush and marginal scrambling abilities.

From 2007 and 2010 at Idaho: 1427 passes thrown and 779 or 54.6 % completed. 10,084 yards and rating of 122.7.


Between the poor to average kicking, the stupid penalties, the stumbling offense and the sub-standard ST coverage and blocking, the Als have been lucky to avoid blowouts in their recent games. Last week, an offside penalty on the kickoff, followed by poor coverage on the return, gives the Lions a starting position at midfield. The Lions' second series starts about at the same place. Maybe Lulay lets you get away with this, but...

It won't hold up against a well-oiled offense that will win the battle for time of possession: Henry is going to make the Als pay for their mediocre play today. It will be a blowout, one that the Als coaching staff will fully deserve.

Wow, we added another NFL castoff to our practice roster? COLOUR ME SHOCKED. :wink: :roll:

Majority of Imports in the CFL are NFL castoffs and I have no problem. When an American football player graduates/is eligible for professional football, his first priority is the NFL; it's his home and the minimum pay is roughly 10 times higher than in the CFL. The player will try the NFL,until he sees that he can't make it and he then may/will try the CFL. Many factors may explain why he did not make the NFL; some of these factors are/may be: height,speed,weight,etc. Does not mean that this player won't have a great career in the CFL. If an Import player comes to the CFL directly from College and if he is good, chances are that he will go to the NFL,once he gets the chance. Again,no problem with me.


Just like last week. First play of the game, an Als penalty.

Second play, anothr panelty, procedure.

1st and 20. Going the wrong way, again.

Coaching just plain sucks.

And just like that special teams ruins the momentum. Deja vu?

Richardson sell ur condo or whatever or tell ur landlord ur not renewing ur lease. A new star is born. DURON CARTER BABY!

Repeat after me: Instant field position for the Tiger Cats.