Als-Tiger-Cats in Moncton

As per Joey Alfieri of CJAD, Marsh has a sprained right thumb and Neiswander took all practice reps today. Popp said if Marsh can play he would get the start.

For those of us like myself and Richard hoping to see Burke Dales in an Alouette uniform, it looks like we are out of luck. It appears he has started a new job in the Calgary area.

So I guess we will have to continue to elbow our neighbors in the stands or throw beer cans at the TV screen after Alouette punts.

Quite frustrating some time. Hamilton has had problem with Congi, they bring a new kicker; a kicker on actual practice roster will replace Congi, on Saturday.

Jim Popp is quite stubborn; while I am a fan of him, I don’t always agree with some of his decisions/undecisions.

The Als,unfortunately, will be beaten by at least 12 points next Saturday.


Je dirais plutôt 24 points. L'attaque des Timinous progresse lentement mais sûrement depuis le début de la saison et leur défensive s'améliore également. Comme les Alouettes n'ont pas d'attaque et qu'ils n'arrivent pas à faire d'ajustements à l'attaque non plus, la défensive devrait commencer à pâlir dès le début du 3ième quart.

Avec Neiswander aux commandes, je dirais plus que 24 points, car Burris est en feu.

Donnons crédit à Richard, il avait écrit "au moins".

As per Herb and Didier, Marsh not practicing, his thumb in a brace, Neiswander to start Saturday.

That makes Smith the backup. If anything happens to Neiswander I guess we`ll be seeing alot of end arounds to Bruce.

And who will be the 3rd QB? S.J. Green?

We're in bad shape going into the stretch. Oh well...

The weather here is amazing. mid-twenties not a cloud in the sky. Win or Lose. I'm going to enjoy the game.

Brouillette et Graves seraient les candidats les moins illogiques.

One of the things Popp said yesterday is that they would simplify things for the young QBs. He said there were options on pass routes that both the receiver and QB had to read similarly, but haven`t been doing. Now there will be only one way to run the route. Hopefully this will cut down on interceptions.

If Hamilton is to beat us then let them earn it. I don`t want to see us lose because of interceptions, fumbles, or returns on poor kicks.

Enjoy! Not your fault we don`t have a QB.

For me its about effort and heart. We've been blessed with winning ball clubs. But to be honnest I don't give a s... about the record. I'll have a good time !

Tiger-Cats will be missing 3 starters in their defensive backfield, but doubt if Neiswander is experienced enough to take advantage.

And their 2 DTs traded punches in practice today. :roll:

To have a chance to win we have to get after Henry. He's a lot like Calvillo if he thinks he's going to get roughed up it changes his game immensely. Defense will have to be sharp right out of the gate. Other thing we better have a running game. If I see Berry has no plans to balance the offense. I'm gonna let him hear about it and I'm in the first row right behind the bench :smiley:

If necessary, HfxTC, let him have it!!!

Which QB out there doesn't change his game if he gets roughed up? I guess Buck Pierce, but that's why his career as a starter was more about injury than success. Any good QB is going to be rattled if you get after him.

In any case, I sincerely hope to see more balance to the offense and better communication between QB and receiver. Mostly, though, I just want a minimum of turnovers. We're getting killed every game by turnovers and other big shifts in field position going against us (you listening, Pippin? :wink:).

Travis Lulay, Ricky Ray, Dave Dickenson

Pippin's mom made him a Turkey Dinner last week and he played his worst game of the season. :cowboy:


We roughed Lulay up in game one and he didn't fare particularly well. Ray is just like any other QB; you pound him and he'll play differently. Between 2006 and 2011, that's pretty much what he did in Edmonton when they had no O-line and they wouldn't do more than dink and dunk offensively. People have short memories just because he's had a resurgence under Milanovich and he's playing in an offense where the ball is out of his hands quickly, just like Calvillo under Trestman/Milanovich...

Dickenson's career was cut short due to too many concussions, thanks for proving my point. :wink:

Did not prove anything. These guys don't change how they look downfield when they are pressured and those five years Ray still passed for 4500 to 5500 yards every year. When your #1 receiver is Kamau Peterson your not going to win too many games.